Top 10 JavaScript Mobile Frameworks You Should Know in 2020

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JavaScript Mobile Frameworks 2020: We all know the basic principle, whether it is mobile phones or windows application. Whatever we see as an output on the screen of android or iOS is the result of some coding. This coding can never be understood if you aren’t a developer.

These codings are done with the help of a verity of programming languages available among us. An iOS app involves Objective-C, on other hand Android applications are coded with Java, and Windows with .NET.

Anyone with the knowledge of one of these languages can build their own application.

Now we are going to discuss,

Top 10 JavaScript Mobile Frameworks You Should Know in 2020

#1 React – JavaScript Mobile Frameworks 2020

React was developed by Facebook in 2018, the need was to accelerate the loading time so that we could have a fast loading web page. It is very effective and creates interactive user interfaces.

Basically, It has two models Concurrent and Suspense model. It provides the freedom for developers to develop the feature-rich application.

The concurrent mode focused on tasks like interacting with the users where Suspense mode does data fetching at the time of requirement only.

#2 Vue.js

The advantage of Vue JavaScript over another is that it is the lightest JavaScript available in the market today.

Vue was created by an ex-engineer in google named Evan You. Due to its lightweight and high performance it gained popularity in no time.

The current 2.6.11 version of the vue is running in the market today. The reason being fasted JS is it has a single page application that reduces the loading time.

Vue was downloaded over 40 million times in the past 12 months where other available JS struggled for security risk.

Due to amenities with other languages and a simple process, it is ruling the market which makes it make it the best front end frameworks in 2020.

#3 Angular

The angular JS framework is used to develop the web page. It is a complete framework works in any browser. It is reliable and very convenient for web designing. It is maintained by Google.

It is a Single page application help to load the page faster than classic design. With the updates and upgrades, this framework is growing as per the need of users which makes it the first priority for web development.

 Built on TypeScript, the Angular ecosystem has a command-line interface, set of modules for Angular projects, zone implementation, RxJS, and the Observable pattern for communication with server-side apps, Angular Universal, and Angular Augury for various functionalities.

No doubts that Angular would gain such a response and become one of the best JavaScript frameworks in 2020.

#4 Ember.js

Mobile app development companies are looking forward to embracing the one JavaScript Framework that would be Ember.

Working on the Model-View-ViewModel or MVVM pattern, this open-source framework will become a popular choice among the JS developers for building mobile apps and a single-page web app.

2019 saw the release of Ember 3.13 which had bug fixtures, improved performance, and tracking for updates or changes in Ember apps.

Ember is good for building complex client-side apps quickly. Ember CLI is also a great feature that will keep the developers coming back for Ember in 2020 as well.

#5 Node.js

Node is popular among developers as the best cross-platform app development framework, the node’s popularity will rise in 2020 with the rise in demand for cross-platform apps.

Running on Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript Engine, node.js is known for building light-weight applications that are unparalleled in performance.

Its features include full-stack software development, high scalability, and an easy learning curve.

#6 Backbone.js

For front-end development Backbone is JS which is believed to be best among other available JS. It is launched in 2010.

The event-driven communication feature of Backbone.js makes it a strong competitor, even after a decade it comes to the list of the best front end frameworks 2020.

JavaScript Mobile Frameworks 2020, The folks who want to develop an out-of-the-box app, Backbone is the framework for it.

#7 Meteor.js

Meteor.js is used for building real-time web-based applications. It is created with node.js environment, this framework comes with a full range of packages and libraries.

It can simplify cross-platform app development and enables rapid prototyping.

This framework is also gaining popularity owing to its automatic transmission of data to clients by employing Distributed Data Protocol. It also assists the mobile app developers in writing synchronization codes.

#8 Polymer.js

Another open-source framework that has entered the list of top 10 JavaScript frameworks is the framework that was introduced by Google, Polymer.

This framework supports both two-way and one-way binding that makes mobile app development less complicated.

Polyfills, offered by polymer.js, allows developers to create interactive web apps with elements that are easy to customize and reuse.

What got this framework so much fame and the distinction is its ability to let developers build applications using web components.

#9 Express.js

It would be surprising to see the rise of Express as one of the best front-end frameworks in 2020.

It is fast; it is minimalist, and it is unopinionated. You will get the freedom to create high performing web applications on this framework. Developers are using this JS framework for its flexibility, extensibility, simplicity, and individuality.

#10 Mithril.js

Last but not least, Mithril.js the final framework to rank in the top 10 list of JavaScript frameworks in 2020. It is a popular JS framework when it comes to developing single-page applications for all kinds of projects, especially client-side projects.

The built-in modules in Mithril are great for XHR, Routing, and even customizable data binding out of the box.

As its size is less than 10 kb zip and does not have any dependency on any other libraries, it is super-fast in loading. Owing to is fast speed, high performance, and simplicity, Mithril would gain more popularity in the coming days.


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