Top 5 AngularJS Frameworks for the year of 2021 and Beyond

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Whether you are a developer or business owner, it is essential to know about the frameworks to apply in your AngularJS Frameworks applications projects. Here, a list of Angular JS frameworks you should be aware of in 2021 to stay ahead of the competition.

With the progressing headways, it gets tedious for developers to pace up and offer superior outcomes within the fixed timeline once in a while. Hence, streamlined frameworks are necessary to get composite tasks with little effort. In addition, technology spaces offer numerous resources to ease the web development process. 

While there are different types of frameworks for websites or web applications available in the market, AngularJS is known to represent efficiency and simplicity.

With the advanced features of AngularJS, you can build several frameworks for developing dynamic web apps. This article will learn about different Angular JS frameworks that will help you create the best web apps for your business. 

Before dive into this, let’s begin with a brief introduction of AngularJS framework:

What is Angular JS Frameworks

An open-source, front-end development framework, AngularJS framework is based on Javascript, mainly preserved by Google and developers to resolve challenges while developing single-page apps.

It provides a framework for the customer-side model view-model (MVVM) and model view controller (MVC) foundational layout to ease both testing and development stages. 

The most recent adaptation of AngularJS frameworks is used as the MEAN stack’s front-end, including Express.js web development framework, MongoDB data set, and Node.js worker runtime climate.

It uses HTML as your format programming language and allows you to extend HTML to interact with other segments. 

But why AngularJS framework for web development projects? Here are some convincing reasons, including:

  • Data binding & fastest load
  • Simplified MVC pattern
  • High speed & performance
  • Flexible development
  • Maximum users

Critical features of AngularJS Frameworks

Here are some top features these frameworks offer during web app development project:

  • Directives: They are markers on DOM elements such as features and CSS. Directives can be used to create customized HTML tags that help as custom widgets. AngularJS has integrated directives such as ngModel and ngBind.
  • MVC: Model-View-Controller is used in all new web apps. This design is constructed by dividing the data layer, business logic layer, and presentation layer into different sections. 
  • Controller and Scope: These are JavaScript functions that are bound to a specific scope. They perform as a strong bond between view and controller. 
  • Templates: These are the participating views with data from the model and controller. These can be in a single file like index.html or manifold opinions on one page utilizing partials.
  • Deep Linking: It allows us to encrypt the app’s state in the URL so that it can be easily bookmarked.  Then the app can be restored from the URL to an identical condition.
  • Model View Whatever (MVW):  MVW is a pattern for dividing an application into several MVC parts with different responsibilities. This framework doesn’t come up with a model view controller in a traditional way. 

AngularJS frameworks are the best way to develop robust and modern web apps. To streamline the tasks and upsurge efficiency, several types of front-end frameworks for Angular JS are available in the market. Some of them are described here:

Top 5 popular Angular JS Frameworks in 2021

#1 – LumX

LumX was one of the advanced AngularJS frameworks which were used for developing responsive web apps. This framework strictly follows the Google Material Design guidelines and helps design responsive web apps with AngularJS, based on MVC architecture. 


  • Built with Sass and Bourbon.
  • It uses jQuery to enhance web apps’ performance
  • It optimizes your code and hence speeds up the application.

What is it used for?

  • Feature-rich and easily customizable web applications development

#2 – Iconic

A robust AngularJS framework, Iconic is ideal for creating a brilliant user experience with interactive web apps at a much lower rate than other frameworks. 


  • Supports HTML and CSS-based mobile apps.
  • Has a huge library of UI elements
  • Has an open-source and free Software Development Kit aimed at improving UI for touch-sensitive devices
  • Quick performance
  • Has a lot of themes and plugins available which can be integrated into the code.

What is it used for?

  • Building interactive web apps and responsive low-performing apps

#3 – AngularUI Bootstrap

This front-end Angular framework is essential because of the number of plug-ins and built-in features it provides the developer. 


  • Has a vast variety of UI components like carousels, dropdowns, color, and date picker
  • It is a lightweight framework
  • It is easy to learn than many other Angular JS frameworks 

What is it used for?

  • Development of robust web applications

#4 – Supersonic

One of the most reliable AngularJS frameworks, Supersonic, is mostly how robust and dynamic it is. On top of that, you can pair the web components, HTML, CSS, and JS, with several frameworks for better customization. 


  • Declarative UI
  • Mobile-first CSS 
  • SPA (Single Page Application) navigation using AngularJS
  • Uses AngularJS Directives 

What is it used for?

  • Building intuitive interfaces
  • Creating hybrid applications 

#5 – Mobile Angular UI

One of the simplest frameworks based on AngularJS is Mobile Angular UI. It gives many options for web components that we can use, like sidebars, switches, and scrollable areas. 


  • Varied mobile components
  • Personalized Bootstrap 
  • Supports libraries like overthrow.js and fastclick.js
  • The framework is lightweight and fast.

What is it used for?

  • Building mobile applications with HTML 5.
  • Converting web apps to mobile apps.

How can Yugasa use AngularJS frameworks for web app development?

Building your web app will require an experienced AngularJS framework, having a set of features. Yugasa has a dedicated team of skilled app developers to explore more about the apps while developing them.

We have a wide range of technology stacks for developing modern apps and engage your business with several productive feature sets.

We have complete access to all frameworks of 2021. That’s why we can build the most business-oriented apps for our clients. For more information about AngularJS frameworks for web app development, contact us today!

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