Scope of IT Industry and Prevailing Technologies in Post COVID-19 Era

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IT Industry Covid-19: During this lockdown when we all are thinking that how we should spend our time, Guru Jambheshwar University of Science and Technology, Hisar came up with a Webinar regarding the scope of the IT sector especially during this time of the pandemic.

The webinar was commenced by a warm welcome to Dr. Ashish Mittal, the founding director of Yugasa Software Labs Pvt. Ltd. by many dignitaries of the university like Mr. Pratap Singh, Director of Training and Placement officer, Prof. Dharmendra Kumar Chairperson of CAC and Chief Guest Vice Chancellor O. Tankshewar with other prominent guests.

IT Industry Covid-19 –


The motive behind organizing this webinar was to highlight the increasing importance of AI in different fields and also the importance of machine learning.

During this lockdown, many unpredictable things have happened. Things like work from home which no company would have imagined that they had to continue their businesses from their homes have been now a necessity. But can we imagine working from home without technology? The answer would be no. The world where we have to download and upload every minute, we need to search for facts and figures on the internet, have to transfer files from one device to another, we need technology every single minute to fulfill our work. During this pandemic, we can say that the world is on the shoulders of software engineers. Half of the things because of which, many people are feeling easy to complete their work or are feeling to spend their time is because of the various kinds of software that are being prepared or we can say that were already existing. 

If we talk about this matter related to the business field, right now many businesses are approaching software engineers to develop some software so that their business doesn’t stop. We can notice how so many have hit rock bottom and many are working at a loss because there is less or money rotation in the market. 

Taking examples for the above matter Mr. Mittal mentioned how nowadays so many education apps have been on a streak especially after the hard-hit of COVID-19. Apps like Byjus, Topper, Vedantu, and many more apps are in trend among the students and teachers for the non-stop studies. Not only the education apps but also the digital payments have also gained importance among the masses. After the spread of COVID-19, people are preferring online transactions instead of physical payments.

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Not only people are using these apps to fulfill their needs of education or money, but also it is helping people to interact with each other in a larger number of groups at one time and in one place. Apps like Zoom and Google Meet are also in trend for video conferencing for office meetings, webinars, or online classes. These apps are serving greatly in the current situation where social distancing is a mandatory rule to follow. These were the things related to important business and education stuff, but technology is not limited till here. Technology has also served us for our entertainment. Of course, entertainment was in or hands before the lockdown, but now it has become more primitive because on television nothing new is airing and the only option left with us is our phones and different entertainment apps.

Apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, etc. are in more trend because of the new and different content for their viewers. Very soon for the first time in history, five Bollywood movies are going to be premiered on the online platforms. Not only for the celebrities but it’s also a golden opportunity for those people who wanted to be the face of social media. Many people are uploading their videos and podcasts on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, etc.

IT Industry Covid-19, a very relevant thing that was highlighted by Mr. Mittal was that because of this increasing trend of online entertainment companies dealing in these industries are gaining something in common. Those things are more subscriptions, new clients, high revenue. People who have never subscribed to Netflix or prime videos are now subscribing to their non-stop entertainment. 


Also, Mr. Mittal covered four prominent points regarding the future of technology post-COVID-19. These are: more professionals, sophisticated tools, meeting new demands, and humans never settle with what they achieve. These points can be explained in a nutshell by saying that, in this lockdown sitting at our homes it’s not possible for a human being to stick to their screens for 24 hours or just becoming a couch potato. Human’s minds are curious and every human tends to be curious about learning new things. Many people have started learning new things which will induce their imagination and innovative minds. With the sophisticated tools, we are provided with now are helpful and had made easy for us to learn anything sitting at our homes. With this, so man people are now using technology and will continue to use it because it will eventually become a habit and at last as the facts say, that humans are never satisfied with what they achieve. They’ll try other new things and gain more experience.



Later, it was concluded by mentioning the time-lapse of every technology we have been introduced to till now. When computers were launched in India, the public took 20 years to understand and adopt it. When the internet came people took 15 years to adopt it. When smartphones came it took only 10 years to adopt it and understand it. For artificial technology maximum, 5 years are needed to adopt it and in future if any new technology comes people will not take too long to be habitual of it. The future is of technology. He also stated that the doctors who are called saviors of the current situation are doing a great job and are handling the situation as much as they can but, technology is also helping doctors to overcome such situations. In short, we can say that technology is everywhere and is ever rising.

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