Android Mobile App For Locating Your Family & Friend

Locatem is a user tracking and networking mobile app built for Android OS. App makes it easy for users to loacte their family and friends in a safe environment. Users can request friends / staff members / family members to follow and track and request receiver can then allow the followers after complete autheticity check. A strong use of Google APIs was done in the app. Integration of app with other social apps like Whatsapp, Skype, Phone SMS has been done to let users communicate any time. Followers can see the time spent by a users at any location. This is a useful feature for business honors who wish to keep a track of their field employees. A feature of SoS allows the user to send an alarm of SMS to his family members during any emergency. Users can also set their key areas to get a notification when their family members reach at any certain location.

Values Gained

An important gap in social networking has been filled up after the launch of this mobile app

Cover page of the app is not static and an animation was used for that matter


Technologies Used

Project Management

Team Engaged

  • Developer x 1
  • Designer x 1
  • Project Manager x 1
  • Tester x 1