Software Development

We know one business, and that is how to make software! Yugasa is one stop solution for all your Web and Mobile App needs. We do PHP, Android, iOS and Javascript.


You name it and we do it. WooCommerce, DrupalCommerce, Magento, Mobile Commerce, Payment gateways, Coupons, Multi-vendor Platforms and Custom features development.

Internet Of Things

If you think that internet has changed your life, think again. The IoT is about to change it all over again! Yugasa is running abreast with this change to make our clients industry leaders.

Cloud Hosting

Everyone at Yugasa knows configuring and managing servers at AWS, Google, Azure or any other third party providers. After all, the cloud is for everyone.

Graphic Design

Thinking about a good design is hard, but not thinking about it can be disastrous. Yugasa understands it very well and we believe design is ‘intelligence made visible’.

Fixes & Maintenance

A software has no known bug means that it has not been updated! We work actively on older projects to upgrade them as per industry trends & get you ahead of your competition.

Cutting-edge Technology

We use latest platforms, tools and techniques to deliver performance to its best. Everyone at Yugasa is quick adopter of latest technology trends.

Effective Troubleshoot

We analyze project requirements and complexity quickly and suggest the most appropriate  solutions to our clients.

Proactive Communication

We understand that effective and quick communication is the key for a successful project delivery. We communicate fast and clear.

Future Thinking

We think ahead and around the corners. We discover opportunities and challenges and share the most viable solution with a longer shelf life.


Our Clients Say!

Shan B. Snipes
A bunch of experienced and honest developers. Their acumen of developing a software product is unbeatable and is worth hiring. It was difficult to match their energy at times. I truly appreciate their capability to plan future features of the app in an intelligent way. Thanks guys.

Shan B. Snipes – Founding Partner – Infortech Pte Ltd
Yugasa team was responsive and worked diligently to accomplish all tasks in a timely manner. They were extremely professional, courteous and delivered a superior product. I was very pleased with the efforts of Yugasa and its assigned team members

Scott – Managing Member – SC LLC
Thanks to Yugasa team members for coordinating and being there for me. I wouldn’t have done it without you all. Certainly this is not the last piece of work, dare I say this is a start for more work coming your way

Sanjeet B – Director – XSP Consulting

About Us

We Work Hard

Yugasa is a global provider of high-quality software development services. We deliver great websites and mobile apps to clients of every size.

We Are One Team

Our continual full endeavors are to make ourselves assimilated with the interests of our clients.

Best Customer Service

We believe that superior customer service always costs less. This experience is a treasure-trove for us. It keeps our clients fully satisfied.

We Keep Our Promises

We have confirmed practice of keeping the promises. Delivery of services in specified time is the sine qua non in Yugasa.



Working with intellectual customers every day, helps us know and understand many new things and newer technology trends. Yugasa aims to share such knowledge with all its clientele through this blog and thus create a technology driven eco-system.

Aug 6
Team Augmentation Vs Project Outsourcing:
Posted on by Creative Team

The IT industry is like a race track. No one can ever win the race by just standing there and … Read More

Aug 3
What’s so HOT! about Artificial Intelligence technology?
Posted on by Creative Team

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most talked about technologies of the 21st Century. Every sector, be it the travel … Read More

Jul 27
Outsourcing to India is beneficial
Posted on by Creative Team

India is known for its huge potential of skilled resources that can be used to develop any and every kind … Read More

Jul 27
What is hidden for Android P – Beta
Posted on by Creative Team

Software industry is an ocean! The deeper you go, the more wonders you find. The Android Oreo that was launched … Read More


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Team Augmentation Vs Project Outsourcing:

The IT industry is like a race track. No one can ever win the race by just standing there and expecting the finish line to come to them. Every company today is on the look for the best use of technology and its benefits to increase the efficiency of their organization. When we talk about an organization, the first thing that comes into one’s mind will be about a team. Now with the variation curve being so dramatic in the IT sector, it is impossible to maintain a steady team and say that you can meet all the needs of the market. In such situations, organizations usually have two options to help themselves meet the needs of the client in a very systematic way. That is Team Augmentation and Project Outsourcing. This article will provide you with an unbiased review about both the processes.

Basically, Team augmentation is the process where you get qualified and skilled workers from an agency that provides you with staff. Let us have a look at the pros and cons of staff/Team augmentation.


  • Ease of managing staff: With team augmentation, you can keep a close watch on what your team does.
  • Integration with internal processes: It is easier for an individual get along with a team rather than a team getting along with another team itself. Thus team augmentation is always chosen when work has to be done quicker.
  • Add on resources: Team augmentation ensures that there are more team members available to finish the task. This helps the company ensure that the deadlines are met and the quality of the project is also at par with the expectation of the client.
  • Maintenance free team: Team augmentation means that you are not necessarily having the same team employees in your company forever. You can get a new team as per the requirements of the projects that you deal with. This ensures that there is no hassle in the maintenance of the team.


  • Training is still essential: Even though the team obtained from an external agency will be highly qualified and very hard working, it will still be the responsibility of the company to ensure that the team is able to follow the tools offered by the company to get the work done.
  • Internal flaws: Any mistakes in the internal team will lead to huge loss in the team that has been bought from the external agency as they are purely dependant on the resources provided by your from your organization.
  • Team management: Well with a team that operates out of the office, it is always a challenge to ensure that work is getting done as per the requirement.

Project outsourcing, on the other hand is the outsourcing of the entire or parts of the project to another firm. It has its own advantages and disadvantages as well. Let us have a look at the same:


  • Reduced training cost: As the entire project is outsourced, the responsibility to ensure the quality of the project will be on the outsourced company and hence the parent company will not have to worry about training their own staff for the same.
  • Best practices: Each project will have its own needs. A single company may not be able to cater all the needs. In such a situation, it is always best to get it done by the best in the field for achieving greater client satisfaction rates.
  • Team management: Since the entire team will be of the company to which the project has been outsourced, the parent organization need not worry about the team management for that project.
  • Be focused: Since a part of the project is outsourced, the parent company can now concentrate on their core business to ensure that the entire project goes well.


  • Lack of control: You will not have the ability to manage the project from its initial stage to its final project. So only the external agency will know what all was involved in making the project while you will be aware of the final outcome.
  • Employee trust: Many a times when projects are outsourced, the internal employees of the team feel a little let down, as they feel insecure about their jobs. It becomes the duty of the organization to ensure that the internal team is also kept busy always.
  • Quality: Finding a good organization to outsource the work in itself is a big challenge. As the outsourcer will be entirely responsible for the project it is necessary to choose a good company that meets all the requirements of the project.
  • Small projects: Small projects posses two kinds of problem. One, it is not really a good idea to outsource small project as it might be hard on the financial plans of the company. Two, the other companies will not be willing to take up these projects as they are very small and wouldn’t suit their business model.

Thus, it is very important to understand your company, the projects you get and the team you have before you decide to go ahead with either team augmentation or project outsourcing.

You can reach us at for discussing your software app project with us. We shall be more than happy to assist you in your product development.

What’s so HOT! about Artificial Intelligence technology?

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most talked about technologies of the 21st Century. Every sector, be it the travel industry or the IT sector, everyone is trying to deploy the Artificial technology into their businesses. This article tries to explain why AI is the most seeked technology today in the world.

Connecting people and more:
Today, more than 50% of the world’s population uses the internet for various things. One of the most sought-after applications of the internet is to stay connected with one another. Digitalization has ensured that Artificial intelligence grows at the same rapid rate at which people are using the internet. This makes artificial intelligence more potent.

Computing is Cheaper:
It is a fact that computing is the root of Artificial Intelligence. Without computing, there is no way Artificial Intelligence can show any kind of advancement. Thus, when Artificial Intelligence was first introduced a decade ago, it was not able to raise to the standards that it has attained today. Now that we have highly efficient and economic computing systems like the AWS, the enhancement of Artificial Intelligence has also become easier.

Data is what matters:
Big data has a very big impact as to how the Artificial Intelligence technology is shaping the future. Now a lot of data can be collected and stored as per our convenience in various methods. Machine learning and deep learning are all directly dependant on the data that gets collected. The greater the data that is collected, the smarter a machine becomes.

Machine learning is everywhere:
Be it the tourism industry, the IT field or the sports sector, all the businesses have started employing machine learning and artificial intelligence to expand their business. All businesses now track the activity of their clients very closely so that in the future they can serve them better and improve the experience they get while using their services.

The unexplored path:
Artificial Intelligence is a very new technology and we are just tapping the surface of the same now. It has a huge potential as we dig into it. The more we learn about it, the more we can implement it in our day to day lives.


The only limit of a machine is that it can not learn new things by its own. That is a machine operates on the basis of the formula of input and output. However, with the entry of machine learning and artificial intelligence, now a machine can be able to perform functions that have not been thought to it previously by a human. This is done by analyzing the data collected by the software.

Repetitive tasks:
This is one of the most interesting reasons why AI is gaining popularity is because of its ability to perform the repetitive tasks that humans are bored of doing every day. With the introduction of AI in doing such mundane tasks, the more talented human resources can be used to perform tasks with more value to the organization.

Artificial intelligence is one of the emerging technologies today and has a huge potential to be the next big thing after the internet in the 21st Century. With the help of other latest technologies like Big Data, machine learning, deep learning, etc AI will become the sort after technology in the near future.

You can reach us at for discussing your AI app project with us. We shall be more than happy to assist you in your product development.

Outsourcing to India is beneficial

India is known for its huge potential of skilled resources that can be used to develop any and
every kind of business in the world. India is the hottest location when an organization from any part of the world decides to outsource work, especially in the IT and ITES sector. Even though many other countries like China, Philippines, etc are competing with India for the top spot in the world of Outsourcing business but India still maintains its spot in the field of outsourcing. The reasons for India being the hot pie that everyone wants when it comes to outsourcing work is discussed in this article.

Supportive government:
The government of India also plays a Vital role in India being the most prefered location for
outsourcing of work. India has many friendly policies in the IT and ITES sectors. Apart from
these policies, India has also regarded IT and ITES as one of the top 5 priority sectors of the
Indian industries. The government is always ready to extend all the support required for the
Industry in various possible ways.

Cost benefits:
Even though India is advancing towards the digital world and catching up with some of the
bigger countries like the US and Russia in terms of economy and other aspects, India still
remains a developing country. This means that the resources here are available at a lesser
price than that in the developed countries. This gives India an edge over the other countries to grow in the field of offering software solutions.

High Quality service always:
Indians are laborious and hard workers. Once a project or a task is given, no matter what,
people here ensure that is completed on time with the best possible results. Since India has a
big pool of skilled labour available, the quality of work is also high all the time. The hances of errors or rework will be very less. This makes India the most preferred location for outsourcing business.

Top end infrastructure and Technical Capabilities:
It’s just not the huge skilled labour that is available in India. But India also has wonderful
communication infrastructure. India has stare of the art telecom, cellular networks and even high speed bandwidth via satellite connectivity, fiber optic cables, submarine cables, etc. Clients can easily avail the best software solutions that can be customized as per their needs.

Skilled resources:
India has about 3 million graduates and the biggest plus point is that the average age of this
pool is only 26! This means there is a great group of energetic people who can get the work done. A study also states the India has more number of English Speakers when compared to Both UK and USA combined.

Delivery time:
The most number of orders received is usually from the US. India and US share a time difference of just 12 hours. This means, outsourcing work to India is as good as ensuring that your ompany runs 24*7 in the US. Also the time taken to finish the tasks is very less compared to other countries as India has more number of people working for the project and it also has state of the art technology facilities.

You can reach us at for discussing your web or mobile app project with us. We shall be more than happy to assist you in your product development.

What is hidden for Android P – Beta

Software industry is an ocean! The deeper you go, the more wonders you find. The Android Oreo that was launched on the 21st of August 2017 is now all set to be upgraded to Android P. Within a short span of within a year, newer, improved version is ready for the clients. Android P, the Beta Version was released on the 8th of May 2018. It puts Artificial Intelligence at the core and focuses on intelligence and experiences. You will know more about the features of the Android P – Beta in this article.

For developers, Android P ensures that they can use it to increase the engagement with the apps. You can get this Beta Versions on most of the smartphone brands to take a tour of the new features. To get started with developing with Android P – Beta you can visit

Machine learning at the core:
Yes. The latest Android P – Beta has started using machine learning at its core. This makes your smartphone smarter. It will be able to learn from the user and adapt to it. Apps can make use of this technology to ensure it reaches more people and thus making it more popular.

Adaptive Battery:
Without question, the first thing every buyer of a smartphone will check is for the battery quality. With Android P – Beta the usage of the battery can be prioritized with the use of machine learning and hence the user can easily use alls his favorite apps.

App actions:
As developers we intend to make sure an app has multiple features that can help the users. But many a times it so happens that the users do not even know what all features an app offers! But this will no longer be the case with the introduction of App Actions in the new Android P – Beta. App actions help to put the core features of the app in front of the user as suggestions to handle the app.

Along with App actions, Android P – Beta comes with Slices, a new way for the apps to provide remote content to users. Slices are interactive with support for various activities like actions, toggles, sliders, etc.Slices are great new ways to engage users and are available as broadly as possible.

Smart reply on notifications:
The smart reply feature is already available in Gmail. A similar smart replies to notifications can be performed with the help of the machine learning technology.

The new Android P – Beta has also ensured that Android’s UI is simpler and understandable by maximum number of people. In this regard, the developers can now change the way the users find, use and manage the apps.

New system navigation:
It is very important to navigate between the different screens of the mobile. With this aim in mind, Android P – Beta offers easier access to home, overview and assistant from every screen. This makes multitasking faster and makes discovering of related apps much easier.

You can reach us at for discussing your mobile app project with us. We shall be more than happy to assist you in your product development.