Software Development

We know one business, and that is how to make software! Yugasa is one stop solution for all your Web and Mobile App needs. We do PHP, Android, iOS and Javascript.


You name it and we do it. WooCommerce, DrupalCommerce, Magento, Mobile Commerce, Payment gateways, Coupons, Multi-vendor Platforms and Custom features development.

Internet Of Things

If you think that internet has changed your life, think again. The IoT is about to change it all over again! Yugasa is running abreast with this change to make our clients industry leaders.

Cloud Hosting

Everyone at Yugasa knows configuring and managing servers at AWS, Google, Azure or any other third party providers. After all, the cloud is for everyone.

Graphic Design

Thinking about a good design is hard, but not thinking about it can be disastrous. Yugasa understands it very well and we believe design is ‘intelligence made visible’.

Fixes & Maintenance

A software has no known bug means that it has not been updated! We work actively on older projects to upgrade them as per industry trends & get you ahead of your competition.

Cutting-edge Technology

We use latest platforms, tools and techniques to deliver performance to its best. Everyone at Yugasa is quick adopter of latest technology trends.

Effective Troubleshoot

We analyze project requirements and complexity quickly and suggest the most appropriate  solutions to our clients.

Proactive Communication

We understand that effective and quick communication is the key for a successful project delivery. We communicate fast and clear.

Future Thinking

We think ahead and around the corners. We discover opportunities and challenges and share the most viable solution with a longer shelf life.


Our Clients Say!

Shan B. Snipes
A bunch of experienced and honest developers. Their acumen of developing a software product is unbeatable and is worth hiring. It was difficult to match their energy at times. I truly appreciate their capability to plan future features of the app in an intelligent way. Thanks guys.

Shan B. Snipes – Founding Partner – Infortech Pte Ltd
Yugasa team was responsive and worked diligently to accomplish all tasks in a timely manner. They were extremely professional, courteous and delivered a superior product. I was very pleased with the efforts of Yugasa and its assigned team members

Scott – Managing Member – SC LLC
Thanks to Yugasa team members for coordinating and being there for me. I wouldn’t have done it without you all. Certainly this is not the last piece of work, dare I say this is a start for more work coming your way

Sanjeet B – Director – XSP Consulting

About Us

We Work Hard

Yugasa is a global provider of high-quality software development services. We deliver great websites and mobile apps to clients of every size.

We Are One Team

Our continual full endeavors are to make ourselves assimilated with the interests of our clients.

Best Customer Service

We believe that superior customer service always costs less. This experience is a treasure-trove for us. It keeps our clients fully satisfied.

We Keep Our Promises

We have confirmed practice of keeping the promises. Delivery of services in specified time is the sine qua non in Yugasa.



Working with intellectual customers every day, helps us know and understand many new things and newer technology trends. Yugasa aims to share such knowledge with all its clientele through this blog and thus create a technology driven eco-system.

Dec 3
What is Drupal and why should you opt it for Custom Web Application Development:
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Are you a startup or a business that wants to make its presence felt in the ever increasing digital world? … Read More

Nov 30
How to scale up your eCommerce Platform with System Integration ?
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When a business sets foot into ecommerce, the sales generally see a steep rising curve. With the increase in sales, … Read More

Nov 28
Can mobiles change the future of healthcare industry?
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You wake up everyday to the alarm in your phone and then you use the same mobile to listen to … Read More

Nov 23
e-Commerce Development trends in 2019:
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I got up today morning and realised that my tooth paste was almost over. I needed a new one for … Read More


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What is Drupal and why should you opt it for Custom Web Application Development:

Are you a startup or a business that wants to make its presence felt in the ever increasing digital world? If your answer is yes, then you have landed in one of the best pages for doing so. Here you can learn about Drupal and why you should use Drupal for custom web application development.

What is Drupal?

Drupal is one of the best platforms that is available for global enterprises, governments, education institutions and NGOs for web content management. What makes Drupal one of the best platforms is its flexibility and scalability, which enables it to publish in a single website or share it in various languages across many devices. Many of the world’s technology and business leaders use Drupal to transform content management into powerful digital solutions. Drupal is also preferred a lot because it is backed by one of the world’s best open source communities.

Top 5 reasons to use Drupal for custom web application development:

Ease of integration with other tools:

It is a well known fact that as businesses grow, their websites also grow. It will no longer be sufficient to just display the products or services that is offered on the websites. One will have to integrate other tools like the payment gateways, ERP and CRM softwares, etc to ensure hassle free management of business.

Multi-device support:

Today, the more marketing you do the greater are the chances of your business performing better. In such a scenario, a business should keep in mind that it should be able to publish its details via websites or apps on all kinds to devices possible, be it laptops, PCs, mobiles, tablets, etc. Drupal helps making this possible with ease as it supports development of responsive websites and apps. Most of the themes and modules can be used on multiple devices.

Best software for beginners:

It is said that to build a website one should be a genius with a great deal of knowledge in computer science. Well this is only a myth as far as Drupal is concerned! Anybody without any know-how can easily start and run their own websites using Drupal. One can easily create, publish and track content easily using Drupal. They can easily create and manage workflows, permissions, tracking content revisions, etc.

Thousands of products available with Drupal:

Drupal has more than 25000 themes to choose from and almost 40000 free modules that one can choose to work with. This will help a developer to customize a website as the requirement of the various clients or also keep enhancing the website of an ongoing client to make it more interesting and technology savvy. Drupal also has a very well structured set of categories for product management which make the life of developers easier .

Search engine optimization and customer tracking:

It is very important to be at the top ranks of search engines to ensure that clients can easily find a business when they are looking for you or the kind of services and products that you offer. Drupal ensures that this is possible with ease. Once clients start visiting the website, then it becomes important that we track their behaviour like what products they are looking for, how easily they are able to navigate through the website, etc. This will help the business understand its clients and improve accordingly. Drupal has modules that make this process child’s play and ensures that businesses concentrate on their core objective .


Drupal is one of the best in class softwares that is available in the market and can be put to use at any point of time with the least efforts possible. Make sure you get your website up and going with this state of the art technology today!

How to scale up your eCommerce Platform with System Integration ?

When a business sets foot into ecommerce, the sales generally see a steep rising curve. With the increase in sales, increases a lot of backend operational work as well. The business will have to ensure that all transactions are recorded properly, all stocks maintained and the inventory requirements are met continuously and many more. But it so happens that most of the businesses get tangled in all these operational functions that they can’t move ahead with their business as a ecommerce platform. In this article we shall learn as to how one can scale up their ecommerce platform once they have a rise in their business.

But before we dive into the “how” part of the discussion, let us first understand why it is required to integrate systems for scaling up an ecommerce platform:

  • Manual entry will always carry the risk of errors along with it. Hence automating the process is a great way to maintain accurate data

  • Keeping the clients informed about their products once they order, is a crucial part of customer relations. This also becomes very easy once the systems are integrated.

  • Everything can be done through a single system. i.e. to update the stock list, enter the transaction details, keep a track of returned products,etc.

Some of the most frequently integrated systems from the top eCommerce players would be:

  • The CRM systems:

The CRM systems usually help to understand the thoughts of the client. Integrating the CRM means that you can easily have a look at the data collected about the customer preferences, customer profiles,etc. A good CRM always strengthens the relationship between the client and the seller and the buyer.

  • Logistics:

When you integrate the logistics of the business, it helps one track the movement of products across various stakeholders, right from manufacturer to the final delivery of the product to the client.

  • Payments:

Having an integrated payment gateway for eCommerce platforms is an essential feature. You cannot expect clients to go away from your app or website just for the payment. This at times makes the clients just abandon the cart and go elsewhere for shopping. Hence one should ensure that a good payment gateway is integrated to the ecommerce platform.

  • ERP:

Basically ERP controls all other aspects of an organization. Hence when this is directly integrated with the ecommerce platform one can be assured about the best of the resources.

  • Marketing:

It’s not just the day to day backend activities of the firm that must be integrated. When a firm integrates its marketing strategy to the e-commerce platform, it enables it to record the searches from the target audience and suggest the seller what to sell more and when to sell what and many such important details .

Even Though integrating all these systems might look a little expensive and confuse at the beginning, it is one of the most essential requirements for a budding eCommerce platform to ensure that it doesn’t get choked before it realizes its full potential.

Can mobiles change the future of healthcare industry?

You wake up everyday to the alarm in your phone and then you use the same mobile to listen to music while you get ready for the day. Mobiles have become an inevitable part of our daily life today. As a result of this, almost every industry that you can think of has started using this device that makes the lives of millions of people easier. Mobiles have found their way even into the healthcare industry. Indeed, use of mobiles in the healthcare industry is on the rise today. In this article we shall discuss the important role of mobile apps in the healthcare industry.

Aide to Doctors:

Without doubt, the aim of every healthcare development should be to make sure the doctors can easily diagnose the symptoms of the ailments and help cure the patient. Mobile apps can enhance the ability of the doctors by making it easier to record and store the patient history, make it available to patients & co-doctors and easily transfer it to them.

Control over the records:

The biggest concern of the healthcare industry is the maintenance of the ever growing data of the patients. It is a crucial parameter to ensure that the data of patients is never misplaced. A mobile app can easily help keep track of the data and help retrieve it whenever required.

One stop solution for all queries:

The mobile apps can make it easy for the patients to contact their doctors or nurses whenever they are in need. It also enables doctors and nurses to make the patients understand various procedures in a better way with visual graphics, animation etc.

Real time tracking:

We all use mobiles, wearable electronic devices like smart watches and fitbits to track our everyday activities. Such devices can also help the doctors to easily monitor the patients on a regular basis as and when required, store it and retrieve it when needed.

Discussions made simple:

In many cases, a discussion between doctors from various specializations who are based out of different cities and sometimes even different countries would be required. Mobile apps can make discussions easy by enabling the doctors use video conferencing and many more features.

A step towards a greener world:

Using mobile apps for recording the patient history without doubt saves a lot of paper and thereby ensuring a greener world. This in turn makes the world a better place to live.

Lesser physical visits:

Many a times it is very difficult for the patients, specially the aged ones to travel to the hospitals to meet with the doctors for every small thing. This can be avoided by using mobile apps to interact with doctors easily.

Wrapping it up:

A lot of apps are being developed in the healthcare industry and it is not long before everything will become digital to make things easier and traceable. A few countries like Estonia have already understood the importance of this and the Governments has started using the mobile apps for the healthcare industry. This indicates that there is no doubt that mobiles apps are going to play a vital role in structuring the future of the healthcare industry.

e-Commerce Development trends in 2019:

I got up today morning and realised that my tooth paste was almost over. I needed a new one for tomorrow but there was no way I could go to a shop nearby and get it myself as I don’t really have the time for it and moreover I hate going to the shop, talking to the guy, surrounded by other people bargaining for petty things with him and many more reasons! Luckily I live in an era where I can just pick up my phone and get whatever I want to be delivered to my doorstep! I hope you have guessed what I’m hinting at by now. yes ! It is the e-commerce business what I want to talk about in this article.

E-commerce is one of the rapidly growing sectors in business and it has seen growth to great heights at the shortest time period ever in the history of business. There is no doubt that e-commerce is booming and almost every business today wants to make their presence online. It is no more good enough to just have an ecommerce website for your business! That time is passed. Now it has become a necessity to have the best in class e-commerce platform for the clients. Some of the trending ecommerce developments that one should consider for the year 2019 are discussed below:

Presence to be made on the handy devices:

There is no doubt that we humans would want to work as little as possible and make ourselves feel as comfortable as possible. It is no secret that shopping online on various websites has also becoming boring and tiresome for most of the people. The newest and the best way people look for shopping is through their mobiles or tablets which are more handy than their laptops or PCs. However, the user experience of a website on mobiles is not always that great. But to the rescue we have mobile applications that have made shopping so easy and user friendly. So having an app for your ecommerce business is something that is very essential today.

Having someone to guide us is always good:

Everybody loves to talk! Specially when we are buying something, we would always want another person to constantly tell us that it is a good product and that our choice is good. But this is something that just has not started to a great extent on the ecommerce platforms. Having a virtual assistant on the platform to talk to the client will help them decide what they want to buy and also on the basis of their taste can recommend other similar products.

Everyone wants to be special:

We are living in a world where any body can become a well known person overnight. Thanks to the social media and other forms of media. When everyone is looking to become special, a business performs best when it understands this feeling of the clients and gives them personalised recommendations of the products that they would want to buy on the basis of their search history. If you have observed, this is what Amazon is doing and you can see where Amazon stands today within a few years after its launch.

Typing is too much of work:

We have Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri and many more assistants to help us navigate through our phones and other devices without actually touching them anymore. When this is the case, there is no surprise that when this element is employed by the ecommerce platforms, their revenues will only go up! People will love it when they just can command the apps with their voice as to what they want and it adds it right into their cart.

Using other input methods:

Many a times we find ourselves in a dilemma when we have a product in hand but we don’t know the actual name of the product unless it is mentioned somewhere on the product. In such instances, it would be very easy if we could just take a picture of the product and search on the ecommerce platforms using the image! A lot of time and energy would be saved and people wouldn’t be drained for the thought of figuring out what that product actually was!

Better delivery and returns:

E Commerce is preferred over regular shopping most of the times because of these two reasons! One, whatever product you order, you can be assured that it will be delivered to your doorstep and two in case you don’t like what you bought, there will always be a return policy that you can make use of and send the product back. However, in most of the cases, though the delivery process is remarkable, the return policies are not very user friendly. Improvements on this field will yield greater revenues to the businesses.


E commerce is on the rise and also at its peak of generating revenues, hence one has to ensure that their ecommerce platform has the state of the art features to ensure clients keep using their platform.