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We know one business, and that is how to make software! Yugasa is one stop solution for all your Web and Mobile App needs. We do PHP, Android, iOS and Javascript.


You name it and we do it. WooCommerce, DrupalCommerce, Magento, Mobile Commerce, Payment gateways, Coupons, Multi-vendor Platforms and Custom features development.

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If you think that internet has changed your life, think again. The IoT is about to change it all over again! Yugasa is running abreast with this change to make our clients industry leaders.

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Everyone at Yugasa knows configuring and managing servers at AWS, Google, Azure or any other third party providers. After all, the cloud is for everyone.

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Thinking about a good design is hard, but not thinking about it can be disastrous. Yugasa understands it very well and we believe design is ‘intelligence made visible’.

Fixes & Maintenance

A software has no known bug means that it has not been updated! We work actively on older projects to upgrade them as per industry trends & get you ahead of your competition.

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We use latest platforms, tools and techniques to deliver performance to its best. Everyone at Yugasa is quick adopter of latest technology trends.

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We analyze project requirements and complexity quickly and suggest the most appropriate  solutions to our clients.

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We understand that effective and quick communication is the key for a successful project delivery. We communicate fast and clear.

Future Thinking

We think ahead and around the corners. We discover opportunities and challenges and share the most viable solution with a longer shelf life.


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Yugasa team was responsive and worked diligently to accomplish all tasks in a timely manner. They were extremely professional, courteous and delivered a superior product. I was very pleased with the efforts of Yugasa and its assigned team members

Scott – Managing Member – SC LLC
Thanks to Yugasa team members for coordinating and being there for me. I wouldn’t have done it without you all. Certainly this is not the last piece of work, dare I say this is a start for more work coming your way

Sanjeet B – Director – XSP Consulting

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Yugasa is a global provider of high-quality software development services. We deliver great websites and mobile apps to clients of every size.

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Working with intellectual customers every day, helps us know and understand many new things and newer technology trends. Yugasa aims to share such knowledge with all its clientele through this blog and thus create a technology driven eco-system.

Oct 31
Points to consider while developing a mobile app for your startup
Posted on by Creative Team egestas, rhonecs

Starting your Mobile app product : Like the taste varies, like the need varies similarly the usage and need of … Read More

Oct 25
Data Security in Mobile Applications
Posted on by Creative Team egestas, rhonecs

Smart devices enabled with 3G/4G connections had a whopping growth in their user base since the last couple of years. … Read More


Points to consider while developing a mobile app for your startup

Starting your Mobile app product :
Like the taste varies, like the need varies similarly the usage and need of mobile application varies from person to person. There is no single mobile application for everyone in the world and the main reason for this is usage of different devices and other external factors like place, need, work etc. Mobile applications should be developed for the masses on basis of characteristics and not for a single person.

Choosing target Audience
While developing mobile application one should keep in mind the factors that can affect the audience that you are targeting. Most influential factors should be listed first and on basis of it target audience should be selected and this will make mobile application marketing specific and easy. Let us list and discuss such factors for mobile application development:

Purchasing application from the android or iOS app store is one of the major factors that help in determining your target audience. Pricing should be such that it pays back your effort in mobile application development and the audience should be able to purchase it.

Knowing the colour that your audience will prefer is important along with the theme. Like mobile application for flowers will have a background of petals and flowers while a yoga application will have a calmer theme. Attracting target audience and then making them stick to your mobile application is biggest challenge.

Before starting the marketing of your mobile application try to find out the answer of question like why do you think your audience needs mobile application? This analysis should be ideally done before mobile application development. One should do detailed analysis of environment, people, place, attitude and perception towards mobile application.

Try to find out what device your target audience is using and hence, which operating system. Like if your audience prefer blackberry or windows platform then develop the application in same.

External factors
Some important factors that play equal role in determining target audience is gathering the data like gender, age, income group, geography etc.

There is no specific way of knowing target audience; all it needs is detailed analysis and study of the factors that can directly or indirectly effect your mobile application.
App weight and size
Users prefer to download those apps which are smaller in size. Even after the app is installed, at any such time when the user finds that his phone apps are consuming lot of his phone’s resources, then his first tries to detect that app which consumes most of his phone’s resources and prefer to remove that. Contrary to this, if your app’s size is small, then there are less chances for you to get removed even if your app is used rarely by the user. So prefer to make app light in size

Running Offline
Mobile application should have a feature of running sensibly in offline mode too. There are certain reasons at times for apps to need internet for well working. But any such thing which can be run in offline mode and can later be synced online should be done accordingly. So whenever you plan to get an app developed from your developers then ask them to make it compatible for running in offline mode, wherever, it is needed.

We at Yugasa Software Labs understand in and out of mobile app development. Reach us at for discussions around your mobile app idea.

Data Security in Mobile Applications

Smart devices enabled with 3G/4G connections had a whopping growth in their user base since the last couple of years. This growth has outburst the development of mobile apps and has almost flooded the app stores like iTunes and Google PlayStore.

Right from conducting personal communication to maintaining health records or critical information like Financial details or personal details of kids; everything is on apps now a days. This is an excellent facility and reveals as if everyone is carrying Aladdin’s lamp to rub it and seek an information of choice from it. Power like this certainly comes with a lot of responsibility and a need to be more careful. Are these mobile applications really secure? Is our data really protected with mobile application providers? What is the guarantee that the sensitive information which we share on apps boldly and openly are not vulnerable to an access by a socially bad element?

Reports have suggested that 100% of the top 100 paid apps on Google Android platform have been hacked. Similarly 56% of Apple iOS paid apps have been hacked. Also, 73% of free Android apps and 53% of free Apple iOS apps have been hacked. There figures can be alarming knowing the fact that many organizations are adopting Bring-your-own- device (BYOD) policy so that their employees can merge their information both personal and professional in single device application. It is seen that 84% of people use single device for both personal and professional use. We need to understand how to secure data if BYOD has to be practiced.

1. Device security: Only secure coding is not necessary but secure device is equally important. Jail broken or rooted devices carry high risk associated with certain enterprise apps. Mobile malware not only targets jail broken devices but even those that use excessive mobile applications asking for permission which when given by user, thus, accessing the basic data like SMS that in turn can be used for fraudulent activities

2. Build a secure application: Malicious code is infecting millions of mobile devices at any given time and this number is increasing rapidly. Vulnerabilities and bugs in the design and coding of mobile applications are generally targeted by mobile malware. Even before it is exploited, attackers can obtain a public copy of application easily and then reverse engineer it. Then these applications are repacked in malicious code and are posted on third party app store to attract users for getting their data. Hence, application developers should get the tools that can identify these vulnerabilities and bugs and prevent their application against reverse engineering. Appropriate hardening process should be followed to stop tampering and make the code secure.

3. Data Security: This is important for preventing data theft and leakage especially when the device is lost. Accessing enterprise data means getting hold of other documents and other important information too. Hence, if the device is lost then the risk of data theft grows many folds. Mobile application development providers are considering remote wipe facilities to overcome stolen or lost the device. Data encryption can be practiced to secure data within sandbox against mobile malware.

4. Transaction security: last but not the least, transactions that are made through mobile applications should be safe. Third party gateway if involved should be secure and the credentials should be prevented from sharing with anyone else.
Your attention to above points is must while planning for building a mobile app for your business. Consult a reliable partner to analyze all aspects of security. We at Yugasa Software Pvt. Ltd. follow every possible way to make the mobile application secure and also look after mobile data safety. We have an expertise in building absolute safe and secure mobile applications.