When the world of sports meets the technology, a whole new planet is created. A wide range of news, updates and lot more can be made easily available for people who love sports. People use mobile apps to check the score, match schedules, the result of matches, etc more than what they use the same for social media. The potential in the sports app is well recognised as it is the second fastest growing app category by a study conducted by a recognised institution. If you own a business in the sports industry you must ensure you hire a good team to build a sports app for you. A sports app can be built in the following domains.

Sports news in general:

A sports fan would love to use an app that would provide all the data about his favorite sport at one place. The data should be accurate and short and pictorial because sports fans are not people who like much of reading.

Player statistics:

Apps can also be built to give details about famous players and their day to day lifestyles, their habits, etc.

Fitness trackers:

Fitness trackers have become really trending these days with everybody wanting to have a body of sportsperson. So developing a good fitness app will also help grow your business to new heights. Apps for Yoga and Gym or Smart Watch apps to calculate body stamina while playing a sport can be some promising startup launches.

Player’s health and other records tracker:

If your a coach or a team building institute, you can build apps to track the players health and also keep a record of their progress in the academy.

Booking apps for arenas and stadiums:

Also, the stadiums and academies can build sports apps for booking slots for various games or events by pre-ordering and blocking the slot.

Yugasa has been doing apps, websites and eCommerce platforms for sports domain since the day one. Apps for arranging leagues online or managing sports teams or conducting aptitude tests of players online through mobile apps or selling sports goods online. We have done that all. Our keen interest in the domain has made us highly experienced in building meaningful software solutions for Sports industry.