E-retail is one of the most upcoming sectors of businesses in the world today. With the increase in the ease of operating a smartphone, there has been a step inclination towards the amount of time and money spent on online shopping. According to a survey, online shopping has penetrated 70 % of the adult population in the world. This means that almost every business is online today! But not every business is making the same amount of profit as the others. A survey conducted among online shoppers revealed that the quality of websites and apps played a key role in keeping them interested to shop more or come back to a specific website again to shop. We hold expertise in delivering a bunch of those services which can either bring your business online or can enhance its visibility and success rate.

E-commerce apps and web portals:

User friendly and attractive web portal and mobile apps from scratch to ensure your client retention and customer satisfaction. We harness the potential of open-source like Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce and PHP custom solutions to develop ecommerce websites for our clients. Our mCommerce mobile app which is built on Ionic Framework is a ready to go solution for those who are willing to launch their eSops over phones. This app is backed up by WooCommerce Admin.

Plugins and modules development:

Plugins and modules ensure that different features and functions of the app or web portal are built in a modular manner and can be plugged in or removed as per the need. Newer features can be launched in the website just be integrating plugins or modules, if they are readily available on respective stores. Those can be built custom too as per the need.

Migration, upgradation and maintenance:

With new technology being found everyday, ensure that your e-retail app or web portal is using the most advanced and latest technologies and best user interfaces to give the clients a satisfactory experience with your services.

Our team at Yugasa has been designing and developing eCommerce websites and mobile apps since many years now. We are well aware of the Magento, Drupal Commerce, WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce and Custom eCommerce solutions. We have been working on different payment gateways, discount coupon modules, Logistics, multi websites, deals and other similar important features of eCommerce domain. Our own mobile app built on Ionic Framework with its backend in WooCommerce is a ready to use solution for enabling mCommerce business for any startup without any delay. App supports both Android and iOS platforms.