Software Development

We know one business, and that is how to make software! Yugasa is one stop solution for all your Web and Mobile App needs. We do PHP, Android, iOS and Javascript.


You name it and we do it. WooCommerce, DrupalCommerce, Magento, Mobile Commerce, Payment gateways, Coupons, Multi-vendor Platforms and Custom features development.

Internet Of Things

If you think that internet has changed your life, think again. The IoT is about to change it all over again! Yugasa is running abreast with this change to make our clients industry leaders.

Cloud Hosting

Everyone at Yugasa knows configuring and managing servers at AWS, Google, Azure or any other third party providers. After all, the cloud is for everyone.

Graphic Design

Thinking about a good design is hard, but not thinking about it can be disastrous. Yugasa understands it very well and we believe design is ‘intelligence made visible’.

Fixes & Maintenance

A software has no known bug means that it has not been updated! We work actively on older projects to upgrade them as per industry trends & get you ahead of your competition.

Cutting-edge Technology

We use latest platforms, tools and techniques to deliver performance to its best. Everyone at Yugasa is quick adopter of latest technology trends.

Effective Troubleshoot

We analyze project requirements and complexity quickly and suggest the most appropriate  solutions to our clients.

Proactive Communication

We understand that effective and quick communication is the key for a successful project delivery. We communicate fast and clear.

Future Thinking

We think ahead and around the corners. We discover opportunities and challenges and share the most viable solution with a longer shelf life.

Our Partners

Our Clients Say!

Shan B. Snipes
A bunch of experienced and honest developers. Their acumen of developing a software product is unbeatable and is worth hiring. It was difficult to match their energy at times. I truly appreciate their capability to plan future features of the app in an intelligent way. Thanks guys.

Shan B. Snipes – Founding Partner – Infortech Pte Ltd
Yugasa team was responsive and worked diligently to accomplish all tasks in a timely manner. They were extremely professional, courteous and delivered a superior product. I was very pleased with the efforts of Yugasa and its assigned team members

Scott – Managing Member – SC LLC
Thanks to Yugasa team members for coordinating and being there for me. I wouldn’t have done it without you all. Certainly this is not the last piece of work, dare I say this is a start for more work coming your way

Sanjeet B – Director – XSP Consulting

About Us

We Work Hard

Yugasa is a global provider of high-quality software development services. We deliver great websites and mobile apps to clients of every size.

We Are One Team

Our continual full endeavors are to make ourselves assimilated with the interests of our clients.

Best Customer Service

We believe that superior customer service always costs less. This experience is a treasure-trove for us. It keeps our clients fully satisfied.

We Keep Our Promises

We have confirmed practice of keeping the promises. Delivery of services in specified time is the sine qua non in Yugasa.



Working with intellectual customers every day, helps us know and understand many new things and newer technology trends. Yugasa aims to share such knowledge with all its clientele through this blog and thus create a technology driven eco-system.

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Securing your Website built with WordPress
Posted on by Creative Team

A website is the face of an organization today. It is very important to have a fully functional and user-friendly … Read More

Feb 22
Chatbots and the On-Demand Service industry
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Chatbots have gained a lot of popularity in the past decade. Their ability to reproduce the same result again and … Read More

Feb 12
How Chatbots help boost your business ?
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Every business is up and running only because of the clientele that it has and the relationship it maintains with … Read More

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How can small businesses make use of IoT?
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Technology always comes with a hefty price tag attached to it. This is one of the most popular lines you … Read More


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Securing your Website built with WordPress

A website is the face of an organization today. It is very important to have a fully functional and user-friendly website irrespective of the type of business you do today. Most of the companies today have already recognized the importance of a website for their business and have gone ahead and got customized websites for the same. Now, it is time to ensure that these websites are secure to be sure that all the data that is stored in the website is not left to be found by hackers.

Even though it is practically impossible to make a list of all the possible ways of securing a website following a few of the below methods helps a developer secure the website built using WordPress:

Backup first:
Even before we talk about making any changes in the website to secure the same, it is very much essential to guard the data that is already there on the website. The data might be about various things such as the information about your clients, your product or service offerings, designs of various products, etc. It is very important to back up this data so that in case of any unseen breach of the website, you don’t end up losing all the data. Hence make sure you have a backup of the data from your website at all times. You can schedule backups once a day or once a week, depending on the volume of the data.

The inevitable devil from WordPress
All of us love WordPress no doubt. But the fact that the WordPress displays the version which you are using for your website by default many a times becomes a high risk as it allows hackers who are most of the times experts in WordPress to learn about the version of WordPress used for your website and thereby use the respective tools to hack the same. However, it is possible to remove the display of the WordPress version from being displayed on your site. Be sure to have spoken to your developer about the same.

A new administrator account:
Once you have your new admin account you can enable the lockdown function for multiple unsuccessful login attempts by using the plugins available to be integrated with WordPress. This reduces the risk of unknown hackers forcing the system to give them access to the website. And when such an attempt is made you get a notification on your registered credentials.

The two factor authentication is a must:

In today’s world of competitiveness, you never know who is trying to take advantage of you and with what resources they are coming to war with you. Hence it is a must to ensure that you enable all the basic security functions that are available within WordPress itself. One such feature is the double factor authentication which enables you to get notifications to your registered credentials whenever a login attempt is made.

Summing it up:
A developer with the taste for security will ensure that all key features of security are followed while building a website. Thus, while deciding the developer for your website ensure that all the above mentioned features are discussed in depth to understand the knowledge of the developer and his view about security for your website.

You can reach us at for discussing your project with us. We shall be more than happy to assist you in your product development.

Chatbots and the On-Demand Service industry

Chatbots have gained a lot of popularity in the past decade. Their ability to reproduce the same result again and again without the loss in quality is the major factor that has helped chabots get recognized in almost all business industries. Today we will talk about how Chatbots play a major role in shaping the on-demand service industry.

Most of the brands are now slowly in the transition phase where they are shifting their focus from building a regular application to build a messaging application that can help boost their economy because that is where most of the internet users spend their time.

The main goal of the on-demand services is that the products reach the end user at the right time. Let us see how chatbots can be useful in the process:

Placing orders made easy:
Chatbots can help your consumers easily decide what they want to order by helping them understand the basics of the various options that you offer. For example, if you are offering various food dishes then a chatbot can help a potential client decide what they want to eat based on various categories such as calories, fat, energy etc.

Order details:
Once the consumer places his order, the order confirmation, order receipt, tracking details and other related information can be sent to the user with the help of the chatbots in the messaging applications designed for your business or by making use of a popular messaging application such as WhatsApp or Facebook messenger.

Ensuring offers and discounts reach the consumers:
Most of the brands have a lot of offers and discounts going about all the time, but most of the time these fail to reach the end consumer as these offers are usually sent across via mails that never are opened by the clients. A messaging chatbot can help a business to post these offers and discounts on the platforms that matter to the client so that they can view those with ease.

Client satisfaction:
A business is as good as its clientele. It is crucial for any business to ensure that the consumers of the business are happy with the products and services offered. A chatbot can again be helpful where it can ask for feedback after a certain period of purchase to a client and since it is a platform that the user uses he or she can easily leave a review.

Service Assistance:
The responsibilities of most of the on-demand services are never over after the delivery of product or service. There will be a lot of frequently asked questions which a chatbot can be trained or programmed to answer in the most polite way. This helps in customer retention and helps the business grow with every new client.

Chatbots have a lot of potential that can be explored in the on-demand service sector of business to help the companies scale up in their business with the right approach in this era of youngsters who spend most of their time on the messaging applications. Also, since these are machines, they can help keep the clients engaged at all times of the day.

You can reach us at for discussing your project with us. We shall be more than happy to assist you in your product development.

How Chatbots help boost your business ?

Every business is up and running only because of the clientele that it has and the relationship it maintains with the clients. In this process, a lot of services are included such as answering all the queries from all the clients. These days chatbots seem to be one of the most sought after answers for offering the service of relationship maintenance with the clients.

Before we start learning the various ways in which chatbots can help a business to reach new heights, let us learn a little about chatbots. Programs designed to have accurate conversations with the humans are called Chatbots. Bots can be used to integrate with a number of messaging softwares Today you will come across chatbots in almost all the applications you use.

Now, let us look at some of the ways in which chatbots can help a business scale up:

Adapt to the new gen requirements:
Today, most of the products are bought by the youth who like to know every single detail before they buy the product or service. Most of the time, the youth prefers to chat instead of speaking to representatives on call for many a reasons, one being it saves a lot of time and energy.

A lot of queries? Not a problem anymore!
If your business receives a lot of enquiries from clients, then it is always best to start utilizing the chatbots, as these bots can answer questions without ever being tired of repeating the same answers again and again. This ensures that the quality of the queries answered never gets low. Helps your business keep a good reputation.

Information on multiple products or services:
When you are offering multiple products or services from your business, clients will always want to understand the differences in the variety that you offer as a business. If you program chatbots to give the exact specifications of the products and or services that you offer these bots can help your clients understand them all perfectly each time a query comes in.

Scale up your business easily:
Making use of chatbots for your business means lesser expenses on the human resources of your company for customer relationships. This allows you to decide if you would like to use this in some other field that would help scale up your business, like in the R&D or logistics, etc.

Summing it up:
Chatbots are one of the most economical ways of helping your business boost to the next level with the minimal effort from your end. It gives you the freedom to think about the scaling your business to new heights.

You can reach us at for discussing your project with us. We shall be more than happy to assist you in your product development.

How can small businesses make use of IoT?

Technology always comes with a hefty price tag attached to it. This is one of the most popular lines you hear in the world of business. But this is slowly changing in today’s tech-savvy world. With technology being a part of almost everything we see around us, it has become accessible to everyone who wants to make use of it for a reason. One such technology is the Internet of Things, popularly known as IoT. Let us discuss how IoT can help a small business scale up using the groundbreaking technology that is accessible at an economical price.

Firstly, an assistant to make your life easier:
There are so many things an entrepreneur needs to keep track of and remembering what to do at the right time is a challenge in itself most of the time. One of the ways entrepreneurs overcome this challenge is by hiring secretaries or personal assistants who keep track of things for them. But with small business, they will not have the funds to do the same. This doesn’t mean that they have to compromise on keeping tracking of things. IoT comes into rescue here, where small business owners can make use of applications such as Google’s Assistance, Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri to help them keep track of their day. These Virtual assistants can easily help you in setting up meetings, alarms, reminders, and many more such things.

Inventory made simple:
IoT can also help a small business easily keep track of the inventory and seamlessly manage its logistics accordingly. It can also help in tracking the activities and most often used spaces in an office by placing sensors to monitor the space in the office. Smart devices can help track the products throughout the cycle and can be delivered efficiently to the end user in time.

Customer is king, how well do you know them?
A business is as good as its client believes them to be. It is very important for a business to understand its customers’ behavior for the various services and products offered by them. IoT can help keep track of the customer’s shopping history, thus enabling the brand to learn about the likes and dislikes of the customer. Based on this data, the company can suggest services or products to the customer. This will also give the customer a personalized effect. These factors at the end also enable customer retention for the brands.

Operations become easy:
For many small businesses, IoT helps save a big burden of their small pockets by being able to be integrated with many connected devices at the workplace. This reduces the operational costs for the company, which in the long run enables the company to look at bigger grounds to invest for their growth in the market and compete against the best in the sector.

Summing it up:
If you are a small business owner, passionate about scaling up your business to the next level then IoT is a tool that can help you do just that. Make sure you get in touch with the experts in the field of IoT to understand how exactly your business can benefit with IoT and make use of the technology to reach greater heights.

You can reach us at for discussing your project with us. We shall be more than happy to assist you in your product development.