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    iOS App Development

    Need a new iOS app that stands out from Apple’s 2.8 million apps store? Our team of Gurgaon-based iOS mobile application developers will help you ensure you have a very good iOS app designed for your market. The team of professional developers will help you create a wonderfully working application out of the brilliant idea you may have dreamed about! Yugasa ensures a completely custom made solution matching your exact needs instead of giving you a shelf product.

    Android App Development

    Think Android, think Yugasa! Our skilled and experienced Android app developers enable you to create innovative apps that engage your users for a long time. Our industry experience across a variety of business domains make us a perfect fit for delivering unique and quality apps at competitive prices. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance for us and our team thrives to make you happy once you are on board with us!

    Customised AI and ML solutions

    If you think that the internet has changed your life, then think again! Artificial Intelligence is about to change it all over again. Yugasa is keeping a watch on the trends and has developed custom solutions based on Prediction Models, Classification Models and Unsupervised Learning. Yubo is one of the best AI enabled and NLP based chatbot built by Yugasa. We also develop custom Alexa apps specific to your business needs.

    eCommerce Designing and Development

    You name it and we do it. WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, Mobile Commerce, Payment gateways, Coupons, Multi-vendor Platforms and Custom features development. Online stores and the eCommerce industry is highly volatile. Buying boxed products similar to existing platforms can not let you be successful in your venture. You need something unique for your startup. We do feature rich, dynamic and beautiful eCommerce website in no time.

    Elegant UI / UX designs

    Thinking about a good design is hard, but not thinking about it can be disastrous. Yugasa understands it very well and we believe design is ‘intelligence made visible’. All our websites and mobile apps have unique and eye catch designs. We deploy color sense and latest design trends while creating UI/UX of your apps considering your audience. An in-house fleet of graphic designers at Yugasa are capable of designing unique high resolution UI and UX of all kinds.

    Software Upgrades and Bug Fixing

    A software has no known bug means that it has not been updated! We work actively on older projects to upgrade them as per industry trends & get you ahead of your competition. We also welcome those projects which have been left mid way by your previous IT vendor for whatever reason. We coordinate with your older vendor in such cases and ensure receiving of full code and required KT from them before starting our work on your app.

    Why Yugasa?

    Cutting-edge Technology

    Our team ensures that we use the latest cutting edge technologies. We have the best of the mobile app developers in Gurgaon.

    Service on the go

    We provide solution to all your requirements. We are regarded as the most known mobile app development company in Gurgaon.

    We love to talk!

    Before we put our best step forward to get your task done, we will understand your requirements and only then we shall proceed.

    We bring tomorrow to you

     We make sure that the team of mobile app developers working on a common project should understand the core purpose of the project.

    Our Clientele

    Our Clients Say!

    Our work to become one of the best mobile app development companies in Gurgaon has seemed to have touched the hearts of a lot of our clients. When we asked them to share their experience with us, here is what they had to say about us

    Shan B. Snipes
    A bunch of experienced and honest developers. Their acumen of developing a software product is unbeatable and is worth hiring. It was difficult to match their energy at times. I truly appreciate their capability to plan future features of the app in an intelligent way. Thanks guys.

    Shan B. Snipes – Founding Partner – Infortech Pte Ltd
    Yugasa team was responsive and worked diligently to accomplish all tasks in a timely manner. They were extremely professional, courteous and delivered a superior product. I was very pleased with the efforts of Yugasa and its assigned team members

    Scott – Managing Member – SC LLC
    Thanks to Yugasa team members for coordinating and being there for me. I wouldn’t have done it without you all. Certainly this is not the last piece of work, dare I say this is a start for more work coming your way

    Sanjeet B – Director – XSP Consulting

    About Us

    We Work Hard

    Yugasa is one of the best mobile apps development company. We deliver quality apps for Android and iOS platforms to clients of every size.

    We Are One Team

    Our continual full endeavors are to make ourselves assimilated with the interests of our clients.

    Best Customer Service

    We believe that superior customer service always costs less. This experience is a treasure-trove for us. It keeps our clients fully satisfied.

    We Keep Our Promises

    We have confirmed practice of keeping the promises. Delivery of services in specified time is the sine qua non in Yugasa.



    At Yugasa, we strongly emphasis growing on an everyday basis by learning the newest and the most trending technologies. Our creative teams work really hard to keep us up to date with creating really engaging articles. We have some of the best team members working hard to get this in place for all our clients.

    Facebook AI tool to add captions to image gets an upgrade
    Jan 21
    Facebook AI tool to add captions to image gets an upgrade
    Posted on by Creative Team

    Facebook AI tool: On Facebook and Instagram, every image posted gets assessed by an AI to make an inscription or … Read More

    Youtube to bring new features, ad product can directly be bought
    Jan 21
    Youtube to bring new features, ad product can directly be bought
    Posted on by Creative Team

    Youtube New Feature: Youtube is testing a new feature that would enable users to find and buy items that were … Read More


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    Facebook AI tool to add captions to image gets an upgrade

    Facebook AI tool: On Facebook and Instagram, every image posted gets assessed by an AI to make an inscription or add a caption pertaining to what is there in the image, and that AI just got significantly more intelligent.

    The improved framework ought to be a treat for visually impaired people, and will also help you discover your photographs quicker later on. 

    Alt-text is a field in a picture’s metadata that portrays its substance: “An individual in a vegetable market,” or “a canine on a boat.” This enables us to understand the image of individuals who can’t see. 

    These data are frequently added manually by a photographic artist or distribution,

    Facebook made its Automatic Alt Text framework in 2016, which is ages back in the field of AI.

    The group has since added numerous enhancements to it, making it quicker and more effective, and the most recent update adds an alternative to producing a more definite portrayal of the picture. 

    The improved framework is multiple times better and can identify a greater number of things and ideas than it did at the beginning, presently around 1,200. Furthermore, the portrayals incorporate more detail.

    Facebook AI tool, The new definite portrayal highlight will come to Facebook first for testing, however, the improved jargon will show up on Instagram soon.

    The portrayals are likewise kept straightforward so they can be handily meant different dialects previously upheld by the applications, however, the component may not turn out in different nations at the same time..

    Youtube to bring new features, ad product can directly be bought

    Youtube New Feature: Youtube is testing a new feature that would enable users to find and buy items that were featured in the video directly from youtube.

    Viewers can check the featured items and their buying alternatives by tapping the shopping pack symbol on the bottom left corner of the video, as said by Youtube. 

    “We are trying another route for individuals to effortlessly find and buy items highlighted in YouTube videos. creators in this pilot can add certain items.

    viewers would then be able to see a rundown of included items by tapping the shopping pack symbol on the bottom left corner of the video.

    From that point, watchers can investigate every item’s page to see more data, related videos, and buy alternatives of that item,” the organization said in an explanation.

    The platform will first implement this feature with a set number of creators. The feature will be noticeable to clients on iOS, Android, and Desktop applications. 

    Embedded advertising, alongside Google Adsense permits the makers to earn enough to pay the bills from making a video for the platform. The new feature will permit clients to buy the included items directly from its platform. 

    The stage continually tests and turns out new features for a superior user experience. A month ago, it tried another approach to see Shorts – another short structure video experience.

    Before that, it tried different things with video requests to help clients give the platform extra info on their channel and content in the event that they trust. Youtube New Feature, Youtube has wrongly suspended their channel from Youtube Partner Program.

    The investigation is at present accessible to a little level of makers, however, it desires to grow it later on.