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Use AI chatbots to automate business communication on websites, WhatsApp, Facebook, and mobile apps. No coding or training required. Get one for your business now and achieve most out of your Pre-Sales and Post-Sales activities.

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Chatbot for Sales

Deploy YugasaBot to promote and upsell on WhatsApp and attend customers on your website when no human support is around

Chatbot for Support

Let AI enabled YugasaBot respond to your customers 24×7 for their queries and concern leading to high CSAT for your bussiness.

Automate Communication

Let Yugasabot perform appointment booking, Seat Reservations, HR operations and more thus sharing load of your current team

YugasaBot, No. 1 Chatbot for your business

YugasaBot is one of the leading AI enabled SaaS platforms to make custom chatbots for your website, WhatsApp and Facebook without any need of coding. Its agile nature makes it a genial platform to achieve any kind of custom feature from it. 1

Free for websites
It requires No Coding
Human Agent Support Feature

Why should you choose Yugasabot?

Chatbots are the future of all kinds of communication on various digital touch points. With the rise on internet consumption and hence increased queries online, businesses need to automate their communication and Chatbots are the only solution to manage that traffic.

How can you start using Chatbot

Implement YugasaBot to attend your customers on all digital touch points and see in its mini CRM what your digital visitors have talked to your bot. Make their groups as per their profile and perform targeted marketing campaigns over WhatsApp and email through YugasaBot interface itself. Do a 360 degree connection with your customers and sell and upsell your products and services to them.