An endeavor to digitally transform the Rural Indian Healthcare

DIISHA is a combined effort of nine expert teams to transform the rural Indian healthcare system by empowering frontline health workers, ASHAs, digitally for easy learning, better record keeping, and receiving improved benefit transfers.

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On Ground Challenges

Approximately 9,00,000 ASHA’s are currently employed in the nation, but many of them lack the necessary training to screen for major communicable and NCDs.

Digital Solution

Empowering ASHAs with an easy-to-use learning platform that can assist them 24×7 in their language. Better learning leads to better performance and hence improved benefit transfers

Outcome and Achievement

Providing high-quality prenatal care on the ground, identifying high-risk individuals, and helping governments ensure that ASHAs receive improved incentives on their performance.

Empowering ASHA’s with AI Chatbots under DIISHA initiative

ASHA’s are the frontline workers, who manage the healthcare initiatives of the State Government and require continuous support to seek help and training about state health policies. DIISHA aims to automate this practice with the help of an AI Chatbot, YugasaBot.

Key Components of DIISHA

How YugasaBot is helping ASHAs in their work

ASHAs are offered with YugasaBot, an AI-enabled Chatbot which can talk to ASHAs at the time their need to ask queries related to state health policies about different healthcare cases they encounter on a daily basis. YugasaBot can talk with ASHAs in Indian vernacular languages including Hinglish.