About: iSpend is an iOS app supported on iPhone 4 and above. App enables end users to manage their personal expenses with different merchants. Dashboard of the app displays statistics of the total expenditure of the user on specific merchant at any point of time. User can also see stats of type of expense like fun, education, medical etc. App works in offline mode and the data gets synchronised on the server as and when user opts for it. App gets installed with pre defined logos and icons which get auto load in photo library of users’iPhone. When user clicks to add a merchant or expense type, he lands on apps photo library to add merchants logo. Basic features like managing user profile etc were also programmed as per client’s needs.

Values Gained

Our client was highly technical and that led both the teams to follow a discussion approach during project execution.

A valuable and a useful app was developed for the intended industry in a cost effective way.

Team Yugasa always remained pro active in accepting the valuable features despite the fact of those being out of scope features.


Project Management

Team Engaged

  • Developer x 2
  • Designer x 1
  • Project Manager x 1
  • Tester x 1