Mobile App Design And Web Services

Fashioneria is an Android mobile app for shopping luxury fashion items. Admin can showcase new arrivals and promotional products on app’s landing page through back-end. Popular products are displayed in real time; based on sale success analysis of different store products. Users can add items to their wish list and app notifies the users if the wish list product comes under any promotional scheme. Notifications also come for lot of other intimations too like when an out of stock item gets in the inventory, buyers are notified.

We worked for app’s screen designs using Google’s Material Design guidelines, developed its web-services and did app testing on different android mobiles. Web-services were developed in PHP. Whole project was managed in Basecamp, where both development teams worked in collaboration for their respective tasks. We understood the requirements and figured out the no. of required services as per the features in the app. Timely communication and excellent team work between the two teams was one of the most important factors during the project execution.

Values Gained

Excellent UI / UX of the mobile app was produced to make user friendly navigation across the app.

Optimized web-services were developed for the app ensuring fast rendering of the results while using the app.

Very prompt communication happened between both development teams to ensure that required web-services were built before the client needed them.


Technologies Used

Project Management

Team Engaged

  • Developer x 1