Mobile Apps for Setting Reminders

Plus music is an Android app to let its users set notifications for themselves of which they wish to stay alert. They can set to seek notifications for any TV serial time, or a Football match for an evening or a reminder for party, movie, news or everything. Plus Music notifies its users right on their locked screen itself. You are not required to keep tracking things yourself. The app will notify you timely for al your important events.

Before starting build the app, we had a confusion as to why will anyone use this app, if users can set alarms in their Android phones using its default features. But our client proved us wrong. As per him, it is annoying for users to set different alarms for different things at one place and still see all of them the same. Moreover, if two alarms need to be set at a time difference of 5 mins, then it starts bothering you with beeps and you have to address them individually. Contrary to that in Plus Music, it tickers you once and sits on you locked screen until you come back to your computer yourself again and look at them as per your comfort. We never knew that this app was so badly required that people started using it soon after its launch.


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