Sports Goods Magento CE Project

This is an e-commerce portal built for a wholesale sports goods merchandise in US. Client used to sell his products on other general multi vendor portals earlier and wanted to build an e-shop of his own to avoid some unwanted competition from small retailers. Because client and his team knew sellers’ admin sections very well on portals like e-bay etc, so they wanted something very similar, equally easy to operate and feature enriched back end. Our team suggested Magento to the client to full fill all his existing expectations and considered many of his future requirements too.

Major technologies used in building the project are Magento CE, Bootstrap, HTML and CSS. ts a multi lingual website and is responsive in nature. Opening the portal on any device fits the UI of the portal quite beautifully. Mega Menu, jQuery Slider, Quick “Add to” actions items on product thumbnail are some of the worth mentioning features carried in the portal.

Values Gained

Client can sell products on his own platform now and with more of his clients coming on his own website leads to better branding of his business.

Client can get leads from people on the move as the portal is responsive and people can open it on their hand held devices.

We have considered a provision of integrating multi-vendor system on the portal which shall be implemented in 2nd phase of portal development.


Technologies Used

Project Management

Team Engaged

  • Developer x 1
  • Designer x 1
  • Tester x 1