Best 20 Mobile App Development Companies in Delhi NCR 2021

Mobile App Development Companies in Delhi NCR: The adoption of Android has been a radical experience, primarily supported through the improved user experience. You need to observe the trends of tomorrow to stay ahead in the always evolving mobile app development industry.

In this digital era, mobile app existence determines the success of any type of business. Whether it is a startup or an established brand, all need to be under the mobile reach, because of the high no. of user availability.

The following list will help to find the best Mobile App Development Companies in Delhi NCR.

1. Yugasa Software Labs

Yugasa Software Labs is a global mobile app development service provider. Founded in 2015, Yugasa has achieved all the things that make it the best mobile app development company in 2021.

Yugasa is a cost-effective mobile app development company, situated in Gurugram, Delhi-NCR.

  • USP: The best part is that you can get the Chatbot solution for your website, along with custom mobile app development and management solutions.
  • Clients: Indian Army, ABRA, IRIS, BOB, Mobil, and many more.
  • Website:    

2. Branco Soft Pvt Ltd

BrancoSoft is a mobile app development company with good experience in providing application development services, technology consulting, and IT outsourcing solutions to clients worldwide.

3. Grey Chain

Grey Chain Technology is one of the renowned mobile app development companies in India and the USA. They are a software development company, focussing on human-centric UX and helping clients think Mobile First across all industries.

  • USP: They are the leaders in Mobile DevOps and Cloud implementations using Git & AWS technology.
  • Clients: Bose Professional, Harvard BIDMC, etc…
  • Website:

3. Fluper Ltd.

Fluper builds your entire mobile app development strategy to make your business grow by giving you top visibility in the search engine results pages. Their team Surrounded by exceptional talent of 50+ Strategist, Marketers, Designers, Developers named Fluid Performers.

4. Ads N Url

Ads N Url is a renowned name in the mobile app development industry with clients all over India, UK, the USA, & UAE.

  • USP: They craft seriously ingenious mobile experiences that transform the Industry. 
  • Clients: Deloitte, Tech Mahindra, Napster, and many more. 
  • Website:  

5. NMG Technology

NMG provides complete software and app development solutions that transcend business processes into an easy system at scale. 

  • USP: Out of the box approach for software and mobile app development.
  • Clients: Nikon, Lenovo, Havells, etc…
  • Website:

6. Keyideas Infotech – Mobile App Development Companies in Delhi NCR

Key ideas Infotech provides creative mobile app development and IT solution to their clients. Their approach is based on content engagement. 

  • USP: The Company is known for its unique and creative ideas in mobile app development solutions. 
  • Clients: Apache, Capgemini, etc…
  • Website:

7. Triazine Software Pvt. Ltd. 

They are a leading mobile app development company in India, focused on building unmatched experience for their customer.

  • USP: They boost your business by getting a high volume of customers all over the world through their mobile app and software development solutions.
  • Clients: Dominos, Truelook, Jauntfix, etc…
  • Website:

8. Xicom Technologies

They enable businesses to get an upper hand by building scalable mobile applications.

  • USP: Internationally founded, exists globally. 
  • Clients: Spooner, Algo trader, etc…
  • Website:

9. Mobiloitte Inc – Mobile App Development Companies in Delhi NCR

Mobiloitte Inc is a software development agency based in Delhi, headquartered in the USA.

The Company, since then, has been relentlessly giving some of the best mobile app development services to many brands. 

  • USP: The Company has diversified its mobile app development portfolio over the years and added varied products & services to it.
  • Clients: NHPC, Good Year, San Disk 
  • Website:   

10. Deligence Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 

Diligence Tech is a complete mobile app development package for all your IT solutions. 

  • USP: They will consult & implement your entire app development strategy from re-designing your website to SEO services to deliver the best app for their clients.
  • Clients: Quick Way, University of Delhi, etc…
  • Website: 

11. NexGen Innovators IT Services – Mobile App Development Companies in Delhi NCR

They are a software company and a community of enthusiastic, purpose-led creative professionals. They deliver unique solutions to their clients’ toughest challenges, all while trying to create a positive social change.

  • USP: Their creative and technical expertise of app development to produce effective solutions in terms of better ROI and provide the customer a better brand experience in the digital space.
  • Clients: Small and Medium Enterprise
  • Website:

12. Dean Infotech

With their innovative ideas, they re-engineer your business with a custom enterprise solution.

  • USP: They focus on redefining the entire business system to make it more profitable. 
  • Clients: Lacoste, Baskin Robbins, Dunkin Donuts, etc…
  • Website: 

13. Go Digitley – Mobile App Development Companies in Delhi NCR

Go Digitley follows a systematized process for providing to all the problems of their clients. They strategize around the big-idea, then design and analyze to grow.

  • USP: They are Google’s quickest growing partners, with their team of experts that have vast experience in the mobile app development field.
  • Client: John West, Arthur Lawrence, etc…
  • Website:

14. Yield Interactive

Yield Interactive is a mobile app development company that provides. They include all the aspects of digital marketing to offer the best services in the said domain.

  • USP: A good chunk of app developer! They do software development and CRM management also.
  • Clients: Their client portfolio includes Rosewood, Max Life, etc
  • Website: 

15. Mobikasa Inc – Mobile App Development Companies in Delhi NCR

Mobikasa provides comprehensive app development solutions that provide a rare combination that successfully blends technology, creativity, and marketing with their diverse skills. 

  • USP: They help their clients get the best conversation optimization with their mobile app development and creative skills.
  • Clients: Philip Morris, Versace, Pearson, etc…
  • Website: 

16. Futuresoft India

Futuresoft India is a high-tech mobile app development and management company, comprising of a group of dynamic individuals. 

  • USP: They provide fully-scrutinized 360-degree software development solutions and services 
  • Clients: Samsung, Hindware, Orient Bells, etc…
  • Website:

17. Red Cube Digital Pvt ltd. – Mobile App Development Companies in Delhi NCR

The organization aims to achieve excellence in every aspect and thus, maintains a very professional approach while delivering services to its clients.

  • USP: Offers complimentary mobile app development solutions along with Digital Marketing services. 
  • Clients: Casio, Yakult, Intex, etc…
  • Website: 

18. Codeger

As quirky as the name, Codeger is an IT company in Delhi-NCR, headquartered in the USA. It comprises a team of creative individuals who are known for their out of box ideas

  • USP: They provide development and design as well as the production of advertising and printing media material.
  • Clients: Their top clients include shopping apps.
  • Website:

20. Manthan Web Solutions LLPs

Manthan Web Solutions focuses on solving their client’s requirements by providing them the required solutions. They have a team of young minds who offer their creative app development services.

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