How to write a mobile app development proposal: 3 simple stages

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App Development Proposal: So you’ve been talking to a potential client about designing a mobile app. 

Everything appears to be in order, and you have their undivided attention. 

So, how do we proceed from here? How can you increase the chances of them hiring you to design their mobile app?

When it comes to crafting a solid mobile app proposal, obtaining requirements is crucial. 

You must ask the proper questions in order to fully comprehend the client’s needs, and then incorporate all of this knowledge into a smooth, logical, and compelling proposal. 


Because each mobile app developer is unique, proposals will vary accordingly. 

However, if you looked at each plan closely, you’d notice that the essential ideas are likely to be the same.


Today, we’ll show you how to write a mobile app development proposal in three simple steps – and nail it!



The scope of the project refers to the parameters of the project, such as what you’ll be developing. 

The scope of an app development project is determined by the features and functioning of the mobile app. 

What is the total number of features? What exactly do they do? How can the user reach from point A to point B?

All of these questions should be addressed in the scope section. 

The scope of the project may need to be extremely precise prior to sale, depending on the client and the project’s complexity. 

Before making a purchase, the consumer may want to know exactly what they’re obtaining. 

This can be difficult because creating a detailed scope can take a long time.

App Development Proposal – What if you put in this effort only to have the client choose another mobile app developer?


Choosing how much time to spend scoping is always a balancing act, and a lot of it comes down to trust. 

A robust pre-production process is beneficial at the outset of each project. 

This assists in resolving the issues not addressed in the scope section of your proposal. 

The client will be reassured that you know how to design and execute difficult mobile app development projects with such extensive scoping at the start of a project.

Cost – App Development Proposal


Part of your proposal will comprise the essential element and probably the first thing your potential client will look at. 

It’s easy to undervalue your services as a new mobile app developer in order to get a job. 

It’s how many mobile app developers establish their reputation. 

This might cause a lot of stress if you realize the job isn’t profitable, therefore regardless of the client, your costs should be honest and reasonable.

You should scope out each project separately and try to figure out how many days it will take to complete it. 

After that, you apply your profit margin and provide the cost to the client. 

Breaking down your costing by stages of development or role will assist deliver the clarity the client seeks, enhancing your chances of success.

It’s also critical to include in not only development expenditures but also ongoing support expenses. 

Hosting, maintenance, bug fixes, and point revisions are all part of ongoing support fees.



Many clients want items yesterday, while others have a specific time frame in mind.

It’s critical to acquire this data early on so that you can confidently state in your application development proposal that you can complete the project on time. 

Again, breaking your project down into stages and being very specific with the client about when things will be delivered can assist.

The importance of setting expectations, especially at the vital presale period, cannot be overstated.

Demonstrating a detailed schedule demonstrates to your potential client that you’ve done this before and understand.

How to handle the mobile app development process from user interface and customer experience elements to design and development. 

All the way through testing, launching, optimization, and support.

Final Thoughts

It’s critical to understand your end-to-end product strategy before writing the best app development proposal possible. 

Before you start drafting a mobile app development proposal, you should have a list of prioritized features, a visual solution defining the user experience and user interface, and, if possible, a clickable prototype. 


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