Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence: The future is here


Predicting future is not magic anymore. It’s a skill and we possess it. Prediction is an important feature of Artificial Intelligence based on regression modelling in Machine Learning. It is a supervised technique and needs training data to train the model. Bring in the data, and see your software becoming a predicting oracle. Yes, down below its Maths, and we at Yugasa prove that Math is rightly called the science of patterns.

Tensorflow, scikit learn, keras, pytorch, you name it and we have the expertise for it. Predicting shelf life, commodity prices, fuel consumption, growth rate etc, you name it, we’ll make the model for it. Hook up the Artificial Intelligence model with your mobile app, web app, custom desktop application… again you name, we’ll do it.


No need to get fascinated by the face recognition unlocking of your phone. Believe us, it’s doable and it’s easy. Classification models are doing wonders in the domain of Machine Learning. We are becoming part of those wonders and we want you to hop on the ride with us. Discuss your AI needs with our experts and who knows, your idea takes a leap of machine learning and gets you miles ahead of your competition.

We have some die hard fans of linear algebra and probabilistic analysis in our team. Yes, some people have the passion for doing it their own way from scratch. We encourage such talent in our team and we love to see them working passionately on your projects. We believe nothing beats the talent-passion duo!

Unsupervised Learning

The capabilities of unsupervised learning are underestimated, and we are on a mission to change that. It is capable of handling data which is not very structured and well classified. In fact, this is the most common form in which data is available today. Unsupervised learning is a self-organized learning used to draw inferences from datasets consisting of input data without labelled responses. Some of our team members fondly call it a path from ‘clutter to cluster’. They believe that unsupervised learning algorithms can perform more complex processing tasks than supervised learning systems. And we believe in our team.

The arrows in the quiver of unsupervised learning include clustering using k-means, DBSCAN etc; Hebbian learning using neural networks; and anomaly detection. It is all set to make a mark on the AI battlefield!!

Unsupervised learning is yet to unleash its full potential and it has a scope wider than we see in applications today.

Artificial Intelligence will automate every business

AI and Machine Learning will keep improving to reach it’s best potential over next one decade and aims to eliminate tedious routine business tasks.

Continuous development in AI technology will certainly lead to more streamlined and better results. The sooner a business switches to AI the better it is for him because the business benefits of AI & ML are numerous.


AI and Robotics are redrawing the healthcare landscape. The analytics of medical domain’s vast and complex datasets has already starting saving lives.


eCommerce has taken the business prospect to the next level with the help of AI technology. Support for both new and existing customers is getting AI powered.


Precision agriculture uses AI technology to aid in detecting diseases in plants, pests, and poor plant nutrition on farms. Fruit health and life is now predicted by AI.


From candidate rediscovery to facial expression analysis, AI is impacting and playing its role well in recruitment domain.

And many more…

AI is domain agnostic. It just demands data to churn and bring out unforeseen insights. AI is a fast learner of different business domains.

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