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An average american spends 101 minutes per day in his or her car, according to a popular study. The technology giants like google, apple, etc are looking to enter into the sector of automotive and look at the possibility of integrating technology to improve the user experience inside the automotives.A few of the popular areas in which an automotive app will be useful are:


One of the most useful apps during travelling would be navigation. Developing apps that can be embedded into automotives to help the riders or drivers ride better and explore unknown terrains.


Music apps are certainly one of the trending apps that go well in the automotive industry. Most riders/drivers spend a lot of their time stuck in traffic. Music apps help them relax and stay calm.


Own a car? You certainly know the importance of keeping track of a lot of things like the last time you got your car serviced, the repairs made, the mileage of the car, etc. All this can be done simple apps built for these purposes.

Price comparators:

A lot of prices vary from company to company and place to place. An App to give the user a preview of the prices of fuel and other requirements for a transport will be very essential.

Parking aids:

Finding a place to park in the crowded areas of a city is always a pain. An app that will be able to inform drivers about live availability of parking spaces will gain a lot of popularity and users.

Used Vehicles on Sale or Rent:

This has been one of the trending applications now a days. People love to explore around possible options of used vehicles for their personal use or for their business uses. Those who find it difficult to sell their used vehicles find such applications an important asset. Building such solutions can be returning without much investments.


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