Frequently asked questions


Are you comfortable with communication in English?

We are an international company. English is our preferred language for all communication. Every member at Yugasa is well versed with English for both written as well as verbal communication.

Can you work in our timezone?

We have been working with customers from Delhi, Melbourne, New York, and London successfully with the help of online tools and with a time overlap of atleast 2 hours in a day. Timezone had never been a problem with us.

Can your developers join our team’s meetings?

Of course, our developers can join your meetings. We schedule time which is suitable for all in the team. With online communication tools, we are always 5 seconds away from you. 🙂

Do you use project management tools?

Like your team, our developers use best practices and latest tools too. We use

PMT Tools: Redmine / Basecamp / JIRA / Asana / BitBucket

IDE: Eclipse / NetBeans / Android Studio / xCode

Source Code Version: GIT / GitHub / BitBucket

Communication: Emails, Google Hangout / Skype / Slack / Glip

Performance Tool: PageSpeed / GT Matrix

DataBase: MySQL / MongoDB

Designing Tools: Photoshop / Dreamweaver / InkScape

OS: Ubuntu / MacOS

How do you ensure quality?

We follow standard coding practices and keep updating our team’s skills through regular training sessions. Only experienced developers are deployed to work with agencies while freshers are trained on in-house projects only. Weekly retrospective meetings with in teams ensures that the work is done well. We share product builds with client every 10 – 15 days which keeps clients informed about the progress and project quality.

How do you manage to let your team stay updated with technology?

We arrange regular training sessions for every developer at Yugasa irrespective of his or her experience. We follow three practices for such trainings. Video Tutorials, Knowledge Sharing, and Practical work.

How do you manage when your developer gets sick?

We provide a backup resource in case something unpredictable happens.

How does your day look?

We start our day with the tasks in hand and keep our progress and queries ready by the time, the client team joins the work place. We then do a quick stand up meeting over Skype to share the progress and discuss queries. After the meeting, work continues along with regular communication over emails or Google Chat during the day. Team sends the daily status report before leaving for the day. If we are working in shared team model, then developer performs a code checking before he leaves for the day.

How experienced is your team? Are they good for our need?

We have developers between experience range of 6 months to 8 Years.
Developers with experience of 2+ years only are deployed on any client project.
Developers with experience of 4 or more act as tech leads or Technical Project Managers.
And those who possess experience more than 6 years act as Architects.

How much time can you dedicate to me?

Our developers are available to work full-time, five days per week. During this period they work exclusively on your project.

How quickly can you join our board?

We can join a new project in a single day after the initial paperwork is done.