Android Mobile App For Insurance Agent

Vrindha is an insurance policy agent team which offers insurances from different companies. This is an iOS app for which is intended to be used by Vrindha’s customers and subscribers. Users can search for different insurance policies on the app and can compare them with each other. Based on the selected or subscribed policy, customers can find nearest hospital who accepts Vrindha’s or its allied partner’s insurance policy. Apart from this users can track their claims and can get the policy renewed. App also offers to let new app users find a suitable policy of their need and let them buy it.

Values Gained

A new platform for the policy seekers came in existence and people could manage their accounts just on the click on app buttons.

Increase in our client’s business because of his easy accessibility by his customers.

Project’s first beta version was launched in time to collect users’ feedback and to let our client start collecting RoI.


Technologies Used

Project Management

Team Engaged

  • Developer x 2
  • Designer x 1
  • Project Manager x 1
  • Tester x 1