Outsourcing to India is beneficial

India is known for its huge potential of skilled resources that can be used to develop any and
every kind of business in the world. India is the hottest location when an organization from any part of the world decides to outsource work, especially in the IT and ITES sector. Even though many other countries like China, Philippines, etc are competing with India for the top spot in the world of Outsourcing business but India still maintains its spot in the field of outsourcing. The reasons for India being the hot pie that everyone wants when it comes to outsourcing work is discussed in this article.

Supportive government:
The government of India also plays a Vital role in India being the most prefered location for
outsourcing of work. India has many friendly policies in the IT and ITES sectors. Apart from
these policies, India has also regarded IT and ITES as one of the top 5 priority sectors of the
Indian industries. The government is always ready to extend all the support required for the
Industry in various possible ways.

Cost benefits:
Even though India is advancing towards the digital world and catching up with some of the
bigger countries like the US and Russia in terms of economy and other aspects, India still
remains a developing country. This means that the resources here are available at a lesser
price than that in the developed countries. This gives India an edge over the other countries to grow in the field of offering software solutions.

High Quality service always:
Indians are laborious and hard workers. Once a project or a task is given, no matter what,
people here ensure that is completed on time with the best possible results. Since India has a
big pool of skilled labour available, the quality of work is also high all the time. The hances of errors or rework will be very less. This makes India the most preferred location for outsourcing business.

Top end infrastructure and Technical Capabilities:
It’s just not the huge skilled labour that is available in India. But India also has wonderful
communication infrastructure. India has stare of the art telecom, cellular networks and even high speed bandwidth via satellite connectivity, fiber optic cables, submarine cables, etc. Clients can easily avail the best software solutions that can be customized as per their needs.

Skilled resources:
India has about 3 million graduates and the biggest plus point is that the average age of this
pool is only 26! This means there is a great group of energetic people who can get the work done. A study also states the India has more number of English Speakers when compared to Both UK and USA combined.

Delivery time:
The most number of orders received is usually from the US. India and US share a time difference of just 12 hours. This means, outsourcing work to India is as good as ensuring that your ompany runs 24*7 in the US. Also the time taken to finish the tasks is very less compared to other countries as India has more number of people working for the project and it also has state of the art technology facilities.

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