Angular JS is preferred over ReactJS for complex applications

The biggest question that always runs in the minds of the front end developers is about the tool
that they have to use. There are so many tools available these days that deciding the right one
in itself has become a huge process. The two of the most commonly used such tools are
Angular JS and the React JS. Both the tools have their ups and downs. So depending on the work type, a developer can choose the framework that he wants to use.

Many experts do have a feeling that the two just cannot be compared as it would be like
comparing a lion with an elephant. Each comes with its pros and cons. Further they believe that
React is a library that deals with views, while Angular is a proper Framework. Angular is one of
the best JavaScript frameworks. But in React, the developers add a few libraries themselves to
use it as a regular framework.

The below table gives a comparison between the two:

Technology React Angular
Organization Facebook Google
Kind Open source JS Library Fully featured MVC framework
Tool chain High Low
Language JSX Java, HTML
Data Binding Unidirectional Java, HTML
Simplicity Complex Very simple
Learning Curve Low High
DOM Virtual Regular
Rendering Server side Client side
App Architecture None, combined with flux MVC
Packaging Strong Weak
Dependencies Automatic management Requires extra tools
Native Support Native script React native
Size 766K 151K

The above table gives an overview of the two frameworks in general. Let us discuss about each
technology in depth so that we get a better picture of the same.
The basic difference between the two is the approach. Reactor is usually strengthened by
Redux to give unidirectional data flow and work with immutable data while Angular has data
binding by default. Further, when we consider the scalability, Angular is easily scalable because
it has a good design and a powerful CLI. In React the code can be tested and used. Hence it is
more scalable.

Advantages of Angular:

International community support:

This makes Angular the best Java script framework. Developer and designers work together all
over the world to increase the credibility and reliability of the framework.

Full fledge framework:

Angular is simpler and can run on any browser. It comes with good number of tools when
compared to React.

Bi directional data flow:

This is the top feature of the framework. It eliminated the need for further effort with data sync in view and model

So to conclude it all we see that both the frameworks React and Angular work on completely
diverse methods. But both help the front end developers of businesses to get an application off
the ground. Both the technologies are flexible and powerful. It depends on the developer and
the type of business for which the application is being developed at the end of the day that
decides which of the two to use. Both the frameworks provide sturdy group of tools improve
the application in different ways. In our opinion, for those who prefer the classic JS, React may
seem a good option, but for those developers who are more mature and prefer sophisticated
solutions and require to work on complex and bigger applications, Angular JS is the best option.

We at Yugasa Software Labs work quite extensively on frontend technologies and have worked
on multiple product developments for our clients using AngularJS as well as ReactJS. Feel free
to reach us for any of your project development requirements at

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