Mobile Apps for Wasen Biking

Wasen Biking is an Android app for renting out bikes and scooters for Goa travelers and visitors. Tourist can install the app even before reaching the site seeing and can surf the availability of bikes on the date of his need. He can explore the bike details, its brand, model no. mileage and price for renting out. Minimum time for renting in a bike can be set by Admin. Users can select a bike of their choice based on the availability and can opt the booking period. They may checkout after paying the required amount for the specified period of renting in. Once any such booking happens, users get an online confirmation ticket with in the app, which then can be shown to the Admin or any of his defined team member to collect the bike. All other paper formalities for bike handover happens offline.

App if gets un-installed and is then reinstalled can be used by user login. After login using any credentials, user can see all his previous bookings and rides. That means history is maintained and retained inside the app.

Admin section of the app is built in CakePHP. He can upload new bikes, can manage users, can see bikes available or running on rent and can see different types of reports like any particular vehicle history or revenue generation week-wise / month-wise etc.


Technologies Used

Project Management

Team Engaged

  • Developer x 2
  • Designer x 1
  • Project Manager x 1
  • Tester x 1