Chinese apps continued to be banned: New Delhi: the government declared to ban 15 more Chinese applications. In all 747 applications have been removed from the app store and play store for android and ios users in India.

They informed about the surveillance of 275 other Chinese apps for national security and user privacy.

Chinese apps continued to be banned On June 29th, 59 Chinese apps were banned by the Indian government. These apps included popular short video editing applications by ByteDance TikTok, UC browser, helo, like, WeChat, Shareit, mi community, Camscanner, etc.

Later in July government again banned 47 Chinese origin applications and stated that these were similar versions (lite, pro, HD) of before banned apps for example Camscanner HD. 

Tiktok CEO Kevin Mayer made a statement, “The privacy of our users, and the security and sovereignty of India, are of utmost importance to us,” and also clarified that the Chinese government has never asked for Indian user data, TikTok wouldn’t comply such requests.

Currently, Microsoft is planning to buy TikTok for $50 billion from parent company Bytedance but the deal is not confirmed. US government also plans to impose a ban on that app by September.

PUBG also had to make revisions in its privacy policy after allegations by the Indian government. They explained that all the user data of Indian players is being stored in servers here in India.

This ban has also extended to applications like parallel space and its 7 versions, email service NetEase, heroes war gaming app, Baidu's search, and search lite. Baidu’s CEO robin li visited IIT madras earlier this year in January. Robin said the company wants to increase its engagement with the country especially in mobile computing and artificial intelligence.

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Weibo has 500 million users globally, is also now banned in India. PM Narendra Modi was a star user of the app but deleted his account earlier. He joined the blogging platform in 2015 and had several posts.

A government official added that further action will be taken on companies trying to release applications under different names.

The ban was imposed after a clash between Indian and Chinese soldiers in Ladakh. This distress left 20 Indian soldiers dead.