Google Hangouts Chat: In a recent event, Google has announced the discontinuation of Hangouts and the arrival of the google chat feature for the common public for free.

Google chat was earlier an exclusive feature which only came with Google workspace, the successor of GSuite. 

The transition of the users will begin sometime in the first half of the 2021, when google will offer it’s hangout users the tool to migrate data and chats to the Google chat platform.

At this point of time, things are very unclear of the procedure of this migration, but google says that they will share the related information soon.

Google Hangouts Chat This migration from Hangouts to Google chat isn’t unexpected. Google has earlier announced in 2018 that, at some point in time in the future, they plan on migrating its users from hangout to meet and chat.

Now the question that arrives to a normal user’s mind, “What is the need for this migration?”, there are both carrots and sticks.

Google says Google Chat not only offers features like direct and group conversations, which you might be familiar with from Hangouts, but it also enables you to make plans and work in collaboration with others.

To the extent driving you away from Hangouts, Google additionally reported that it is intending to eliminate some particular Hangouts features.

In case you're a Google Fi client, Google will quit letting you oversee messages and calls from Hangouts eventually ahead of schedule one year from now.

However, you'll have the option to relocate existing Hangouts discussions to Google's Messages application and oversee Fi messages, and brings in the Messages application for the web beginning.

But on the off chance that they need to utilize Google's "custom Messages features" for Google Fi, they'll need to disable RCS. The messaging wreck proceeds.

Google plans to eliminate Google Voice support from Hangouts right on time one year from now, which means you won't have the option to accept calls from Voice in Hangouts.

You'll need to utilize the devoted Voice application for Google Voice messages and calls.

What's more, Google won't let you call telephone numbers from Hangouts, beginning right on time one year from now, and group video in Hangouts will utilize Meet beginning in November.