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E-Learning App Ideas: The largest hysteria during the COVID-19 epidemic is undoubtedly eLearning. The system of education affected by the non-physical movement turns to home, online learning solutions. Training is provided in various ways to students and Ed-tech companies are cash in.

Though eLearning occurs for a long time, it has gained momentum for the versatility of learning that it provides to its students. The creative concepts introduced by these sites to facilitate learning.

In fact, Edtech innovators have created engaging and motivating modes of learning with the advent of new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence ( AI). For example, AI makes it much easier for innovators to build personalized learning experiences. i.e, customized lessons that may be exchanged with a learner on the basis of an individual’s intellectual understanding and interest.

In the Ed-Tech sector, the business possibility is infinite. Therefore, we have developed a couple of ideas for e-Learning applications to help begin with an Ed-Tech business. Let’s start now. Let’s continue.


Yeah, we ‘re talking about Coursera, Udacity, edX, Pluralsight, platforms. These platforms are really a huge success between many of the students, irrespective of background, academic qualifications, and geographic area. e-Learning sites like these provide on-demand access to various education courses.

Because it is a dynamic Ed-Tech market, it is easy to gain ground with creative ideas and potential development for students. If a solution for this e-Learning is found, then some of the essential things are:

i) eBooks, videos, and audio conferences.

ii) Comfortable (and several) payment options for buying a course.

iii) Self-assessment competitions, quizzes, and work.

iv) Videos, podcasts, and transcript audio tutorials.

v) An enjoyable user interfaces for different courses.

Besides, the involvement and inspiration of gamification have an essential role to play, especially if a one-way interaction takes place. The courses can also be interactive through Live interaction with students. Therefore, a specific collection of features for e-Learning application creation may be selected based on the competition.


With the COVID effect, for a period of time schools, universities and colleges have been shut down. To cope with the crisis, virtual classroom apps have become famous, while ensuring that education does not suffer for students.

Live classroom sessions are held in educational institutions for one or many communication reasons, where teachers and students communicate, as they do in a real classroom. Teachers can address a group of students in this way.

This technology, i.e. live video streaming, offers a creative teaching model. Like never before, live video streaming applications change an eLearning game. Included in these are virtual apps for the classroom with an educational management system that assists administrators and parents in the efficient management of the education system.


This is one of the most important companies in Ed-Tech. Students from all around the world attend courses devoted to crack entrance examinations at different levels. During the COVID-19 periods, however, the interaction and preparation for exams have been extremely difficult for students and teachers. Unable to use the time, the preparation of students can become delayed.

Additionally, there are major shutdown losses in institutions that train students for entrance exams. In order for institutions to overcome losses, they can start with virtual classes, in which one or more students can interact live. Another teaching method here can be on-demand videos that students can access according to the available information.


Today, parents want their positive children to channel their energies well and then search for ideas that can duty their children. In the recent past, applications for kindergarten kids attract a great deal of attention as they propose creative concepts for children in edutain. These apps are capable of helping children grow IQ, tell stories, build logic, or various concepts of subjects, etc.

Some of the most common types of applications are Scratch Jr, Lightbot Jr, Coding Awbie, Coral Reef, DragonBox Numbers, Toca Tea Party, Khan Academy Kids, etc. Such projects show how educational applications for children can also be used as an amazing business model.


It’s always a great time to learn new languages whether you’re preparing to go on vacation, study for exams, or simply want to expand your mind.

It might be difficult to learn a foreign language from scratch. Apps can be particularly helpful to make it easier for young students and adults to read and write a new language. Apps can focus on teaching one aspect of several languages or try to address all aspects of a particular language with all of its specific features. Apps can assist with the correct word pronunciation, build new communication questions and contests, consider the level of competence, etc.

The language learning apps will help you grow a vocabulary, grammar, and eventually become fluent in the easy-to-digest and retain lessons. They are also economical, especially when compared to formal education.

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