6 Must-have features in e-Commerce Mobile App Just Like Nykaa & Myntra

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If you need an e-Commerce app that increases your sales and gives your business a competitive advantage, check out the list of top e-Commerce app features like Nykaa & Myntra

Nykaa & Myntra are the most trending e-Commerce apps that people usually ideal for online shopping. Online shopping is increasing as no one wants to waste their quality time standing in long queues at the marketplace.

With this app, you can do shopping from home without wasting fuel and time. If you are thinking of building your business app to sell the stuff online, you should know how to start a mCommerce business and build an app.

So, to create an app like Nykaa & Myntra, you can set your business goals first with clarity. In addition, you need to include eight features in your e-Commerce app just like Nykaa & Myntra. 

Top six features for e-Commerce App Like Nykaa and Myntra

Feature #1 – Easy login & registration

Simplify registration forms, lets customers use their email address as a login and allow them to log in through external accounts such as Google or Facebook to streamline the logging process. Easy access interprets into a higher conversion rate and sales volume. 

Feature #2 – User-friendly product filtering and sorting

It is essential to implement functional sorting and filtering features if you are offering a huge range of products.

To increase sales and deliver a positive user experience, you can reduce the number of steps a customer needs to take to find the product they want. Thanks to this feature, users can find the product they want without browsing your entire offer. 

Feature #3 – Detailed product descriptions

Most people think that adding detailed product descriptions to e-Commerce apps is a waste. After all, users are not interested in seeing the item pictures. And who has time to read long texts on their smartphone anyway?

But the fact is that whether it be mobile or desktop, product description matters – and a lot! By providing extensive product information, you can reduce the risk of product return and client dissatisfaction. Customers can check the product’s details such as type, size, color, material, and warranty to purchase the right one. 

Feature #4 – Shopping cart – App Like Nykaa and Myntra

One of the most popular features of the e-Commerce app is a shopping cart. By adding a shopping cart to your store, you can develop a positive user experience and let customers appreciate it when making purchases. Adjusting your mCommerce app to the preferences and behaviors of users is essential for its success. 

This feature allows customers to realize their purchase in different stages when they find it comfortable. 

Feature #5 –  Order summary

Many e-Commerce stores provide users with a summary before taking them to the payment screen.

By providing users with an order summary they can verify before payment, you reduce the risk of returns or order issues that take time and money to solve, affecting the user experience. 

Feature #6 – Secure and easy in-app payments – App Like Nykaa and Myntra

In-app payments are a standard feature in mCommerce apps. By offering secure payment methods, you can streamline the process of completing the purchase and deliver an excellent user experience. 

Once you have integrated these six features into your eCommerce app, you can get innovative apps like Nykaa & Myntra. If you are looking for a reliable mobile app development company for the creative eCommerce app, get in touch with Yugasa!

How can Yugasa help in eCommerce app development?

At Yugasa, we have a dedicated team of eCommerce app developers who support businesses to build customer-centric eStores.

It helps in enhancing user experience with the aid of advanced technologies and personalized solutions. If you need a reliable eCommerce app like Nykaa & Myntra, get in touch with our experts. 

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