Best Things You Should Know Before Developing Hybrid Apps

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Want to go for hybrid app development, but confused to do so. Don’t worry, this blog caters to your needs!

In this busy digital era, everybody wants to save time and effort in launching their app in the market. And hybrid app development is the solution for this. 

This development platform is very popular these days because of the less time frame and cost associated with it. And we are not saying it blindly. 

As per a survey, almost 75% of the best 50 retail apps on the app store are hybrid apps. 

But every type of development has its own pros and cons, whether it’s hybrid, native, or web apps. 

Before coming to a final decision for your dream project, you should know every if and but related to the development part. As this step plays a very major role in the success of your e-business.

Hence, here is a discussion of the best things you should know before developing a hybrid app.

Let’s dive in to know!

Hybrid App Development

Hybrid App Development

A hybrid app is basically a combination of HTML5 web pages and a Native solution. 

The core of the app is developed with HTML5, Javascript, and CSS3. And they are assembled into native-like iOS, Android, and other platforms with the help of some technologies like Apache Cordova or PhoneGap, etc. 

You can simply say they are web apps in a native exterior. The main thing that differentiates this kind of development platform from others is the work of a single code set for multiple operating systems.  

Such applications are considered highly portable. These are greatly recommended if you have a low budget or you are a startup. 

But for some businesses, it can’t work in the long run, as they provide limited features with some restrictions. 

That’s why we have collected these best points you should know before developing a hybrid application.

Points You Should Know Before Developing Hybrid App

Points You Should Know Before Developing Hybrid App

As you know, there are always two sides to everything: positive and negative. This applies to development frameworks also. 

That’s why we have gathered the prime things whether it is good or bad about hybrid app development. 

Economical and Time-saving

One of the best things to go for hybrid development is saving a lot of money and time. It not only saves you money in the development part but also you will need to hire a few developers to make any hybrid app as you need a single code set for multi-platform applications. 

Also, the team of developers should know only basic programming like C++, Javascript, etc. This way you can hire a good team at a limited cost. 

As only a few team members will work for you, it will automatically save your effort too. Also, you don’t need extra space in your office to accommodate developers. 

Just a single code set and you are ready to go for hybrid applications.

Know the Correct Hybrid Framework

If you want to practice your hands developing hybrid applications, then you have the option to choose from so many development frameworks available in the market. 

Some of the well-known frameworks are Ionic, Flutter, React Native, PhoneGap, etc. to choose from. 

You are advised to choose as per your preference by considering all the potential features of these frameworks. 

There may be updates in some frameworks in the coming time and maybe it will impact your budget. 

Narrow User Experience and Functionality

If you are developing a hybrid application, then always keep in mind that you will get limited functionality for your users. 

That means you may have some restrictions on the user experience. 

As you know, Android and iOS both provide different user experiences, but if you do it with a single code set under hybrid development, then the results for both operating systems will not be the same. 

Hybrid apps are considered compromised applications in view of user experience despite having so many tools and native libraries. 

So, you should try to develop the application with a native-like feel and appearance to give your users a good experience.

Little Lacking in Amusing Media Apps

If you need to develop interactive and rich-media software, then probably you should be careful to work on a hybrid platform. 

Hybrid apps may not be the correct choice for animated and graphic-based applications. This is one of the fields behind the not-so-good image of hybrid platforms. 

Animation apps need RAM and processors to perform. This is generally not possible in the case of hybrid apps as the shell has to run execution code in the backend. 

Also, it is difficult to do 3D designing that depends upon HTML3 and Javascript. But if you need some simple kinds of apps, you can go for them. 

Controlled Performance

If you are developing hybrid apps, then you should be aware of the performance and feature restrictions. 

Some of the major restrictions that you will face are speed, performance, memory utilization, and the looks of the applications. 

It will give you very less fluidity in the animation of the project. Your users will not get the chance to experience high-performance web or mobile applications if you are going for multi-platform development with a single code set. 

The Appearance of the Application

Cross-platform applications run in a virtual kind of environment, so they can be low-performing sometimes. 

The feel and appearance of the resultant application can be not so good as the developers work with a single code set for developing applications for different operating systems.

As you know, user experiences of Android and iOS platforms are very different from each other, but if you develop applications for both with the same code set, then obviously you have to compromise at some point. 

Brainwork About the Target Audience

No matter, whether you are developing the application with any framework, it’s always advisable to consider your target audience. 

Suppose, if you are developing an application for gaming or any kids-related app, then it should be bright and creative rather than simple and light-colored. 

You may lose your sales if you don’t consider this tip before developing your dream application. 

Even, we suggest you consider the target audience group before preparing the base of your application. 

If you have a clear image of your targeted customers in mind, then it will be easy for you to choose the right framework, appearance, color scheme, functionality, etc. for the app. 

Don’t Compromise With Features Over Cost

As you have already read cross-platform applications need little time and finance as compared to other platforms. But this should not be the only reason behind opting for hybrid development. 

You should well keep in mind the needed features and functionalities before going to develop with this framework. 

As it is prepared with a single code set, chances are very high that you may get compromised features. 

This is one of the good suggestions to take before jumping into application development. 

The Rub

That’s all for this blog!

Hope you liked the discussion on the main things you should know before developing a hybrid app. A very basic reason to opt for this is to save time and money by working with a single code set. There are two main scenarios to opt for this one:

  • Testing a presumption
  • Any organization application for internal users

But if you need some advanced-level application with advanced features, then you should be careful to have your hands on hybrid mobile app development. So, do proper research on the things that you need to integrate into your dream project. 

Hope you had a great read!


1. Which technology is used to develop hybrid apps?

Hybrid apps are created using front-end technologies and languages like HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript to give cross-platform functionality to the apps like any other web app. 

2. What is the difference between native apps and hybrid apps?

For native apps, developers have to rewrite and redesign the app’s functionality in the native development language. Whereas a hybrid app allows you to write the app’s functionality in a single code set. And then you can wrap this codebase in a native shell. 

3. What are the benefits of hybrid apps?

These apps have multi-platform support. With a single code set, you can easily scale them on different platforms. Like, if you have created an app for iOS, you can easily launch it on platforms like Android, or Windows without much effort. 


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