Top 10 Android App Ideas to Grow in 2020

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Android App Ideas 2020: The year 2020 is creating revolutions in this digital world than ever before. These revolutions will happen more in the upcoming years, which will create new ideas in technology and business.

The Android application helps in the development of technology, which makes a creative idea into a successful business. Android apps were generating more revenues and expected to increase more in 2020 and the coming years.

There are a lot of android application ideas that come out every day to develop or improve something, but only a few get recognition and success.

This article is about the Top 10 android app ideas to grow in 2020

1 – Health monitor Telemedicine Android App Ideas 2020:

Today’s world people are more concerned about their health than anything else. Everyone wants to monitor their health and do regular check-ups to avoid health-related problems and keep themselves free from diseases. The Health monitoring app inspects the vitals of their body and gives them a detailed report on whether there is a need for doctor consultation.

Telemedicine app has the feature to connect to a doctor via private video call/chat if people don’t want to wait for their appointment to consult them. Android app, which has a combination of these two will improve their health and easily get reach to the people.

2. Interior designing:

Interior design has become trendy and it is one of the most wanted apps for people who love to design their home/office elegantly. The interior designing app gives ideas to create nice looking designs in your home and office.

When this interior designing app comes with (Augmented Reality) AR, it gives the option to tailor their home/office through Camera and 3D models. This helps the people to get exactly, which suits their home or office.

3. Job recruitment:

The app idea will not fail until there is a demand for jobs. People can find their job through mobile and find it easy to change their job careers from their seats.

Particularly in 2020, Analysts believe job recruitment apps will generate more revenue than last year. In this competitive world, recruiters need only the talented person for the job position, so it helps them find the person.

4. Book recommendation:

Everyone loves to read books; it not only improves their knowledge and also teaches moral values to them. But people get confused about which books are good and whether they are worth reading because there are lots of books on a particular topic.

So, this android app is developed to recommend books. The App allows the readers to get reviews and ratings of the book and it also gives recommendations on different genres. Goodreads and Bookish are some of the examples of book recommendation apps.

5. Carpooling:

People spend more money on travel either to the office or casual travel to any place. They want comfort traveling at affordable prices. This can be possible only by carpooling android applications.

The sharing of car journeys is known as Carpooling and it makes different people reach the same destination at budget-friendly. The Carpooling app helps to travel at a low price. This android application is one of the best ideas which will grow in 2020.

6. Fitness tracking:

The essential part of the workout program is Fitness Tracking. It helps people to keep track of their workouts. The fitness tracking app acts as an assistant to the people, which holds records like workout time and vitals of the body.

The fitness tracker application helps people to plan their daily- routine workout programs and diet plan for obese people. This is the required app for the people who wish to maintain perfect fitness even in their busy life.

7. Personal Assistant:

Personal assistance apps will occupy all the android devices very soon. People like to have this application in their android devices to search on their phones in a short time. This application will do the functions in the phone as commanded, which uses voice or gestures to recognize the commands.

Google Assistant, Siri, are the examples of the personal assistant, but not like them it does all the functions in the phone using voice assistant without any inputs.  

8. Shopping with AR:

E-commerce and M-commerce are changing the olden method of buying things. People can order and get things at their doorstep without reaching shops. But the disadvantage of online shopping is that people cannot trail the products, whether the color and design suit them.

To avoid this problem, the android application that uses Augmented Reality can allow them to trail the product by 3D visuals. This android app provides a better user experience to the people.  

9. Business and Investment:

Due to the viral spread in the world, many lost their job, so people want to start their own business or to invest in something more valuable. Mainly, youngsters find business and investment have a better future than some odd jobs without realizing the pros and cons of these.

They decide to become an entrepreneur. But at times they may face some difficulties in the business and investments which can lead to loss and failure. So, this android application gives them guidelines on how they can run business nicely during the struggle and invest wisely by the experts.

10. Vehicle servicing:

If there is an idea that will detonate the long-time waiting of people to repair their vehicle is a vehicle servicing app. Usually, the time taken for repairing and servicing any vehicle may vary according to the fault. In this pressure and stressful life, does anyone like to wait for hours to get their vehicle repaired?

No. This android app vehicle servicing provides doorstep service to the people and can save you valuable time. This app idea is expected to reach a large number of people and will generate more profits.


If you are looking for an Android app idea that will grow in 2020, I hope you have found something very useful from this article. Analysts expect these as successful android applications ideas and profitable business.

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