Apple put a step forward in becoming the best Search Engine and outshow Google

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Apple becoming the best Search Engine: Apple bot (web crawler by apple) has been regularly crawling websites. Also, Apple has posted several job listings for search engineers. These listings incorporate natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML).

All these reports and the new ios 14 beta bypasses the google search and has named it as Siri suggestions. Apple aims to come up with a different and unique search engine, that is how they tend to design their products.

Applebot was released back in 2015, it was created to visit websites and scan the content available. This scan was used to rank the sites based on several factors, including user engagement, the relevancy and matching of search terms to a page’s topics and content, the number of links that a page has received from other websites, and a page’s design characteristics.

Many developers such as nick craver and Michael James field noticed the activity mentioned by Applebot on their websites. Since then Apple has been clueing for a private search engine.

Reportedly, Google has been paying billions of dollars to Apple to be the default search engine on Safari and macOS devices. Apple recently reached a 2 trillion dollars valuation so they don’t need this money. Also, reportedly they’ve been investing to develop their database on iCloud for an optimized and ad-free search engine for users where their data would be secure.

As Reuters reported, Google pays Apple around 1.5 billion dollars to be the default search engine in Apple devices in the UK. This deal is known as an obstacle for developers in the entry and expansion segment of the business. The competitors in the UK and market authorities aim to go after the non-competitive behavior by google.

“Given the impact of preinstallations and defaults on mobile devices and Apple’s significant market share, it is our view that Apple’s existing arrangements with Google create a significant barrier to entry and expansion for rivals affecting competition between search engines on mobiles,” said UK regulators.


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