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During childhood we often came across many instances when we had certain requirement and in absence of its easy access we had to do it on our own. That helped many of us collect accaloads and appreciation then and in turn encouraged us to follow this practice of “Do It Yourself”, quite religiously since then. This attitude is considered to be a very impact one most of the times and helps one grow strong and be independent. However this may not result fruitful every time.

I have observed many of my friends and prospects taking web development and software quite casually. I hear this word quite commonly from my knowns that building a website does not take that big a tool. You just need register for a website builder tool and wooofff…. you just need to know basics of computers to have a fancy web page. I do not deny that such tools exist. But that’s not a perfect solution for every organization. If you are a very small business and need just a web presence, then thinking of building such basic simple pages could be recommendable option. But if you are an organization who really bothers about online identity and expect your prospects to visit your web pages, then believe me, Do IT Yourself can easily pull you in a bad situation.

In one way if you take the task very casually or disrespect that task and sometimes get into the work for which you are not qualified enough and hence neglect the expertise of professionals you are sure to face a tumble.

In website development we may at the instant be very good towards our approach and every thing may seem fine and working very well to us. But, with the passage of time and with change and enhancements required for making that website a pleasant experience to the users we may find ourselves lost in the mid of the sea. On the contrary if we have the expertise of professionals then it will surely serve as a lifeboat in any troublesome circumstances, if any. That happens only because they know how to deal with the situation in a better and effective way and hence it makes everything look like a walk on the cake for us.


Lets take a travel service for an example:in a travel service the main task of the owner is to provide better facilities to the clients, managing all the requirements of the staff and the vehicles. If that owner himself gets into making a website of the company then he may be able to make a website but, we cant be sure that he has made that website in a way so that it attracts more customers and may lead to loss in business. In this way he may make some pennies, but he is more likely to loose dollars. In this case if he employs a team of well qualified professionals into business of that website then it is sure that he is more likely to gain only.

So the main focus is that in website development it may seem to someone as a very simple task to manage the website at one’s own but actually it is not that simple. Moreover if one has got a team of qualified and expert professionals working for him then it is surely going to be a simple and beneficial task for everyone.

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