Dropbox to acquire secure document sharing startup DocSend for $165M

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Secure Document Sharing Dropbox: Earlier, Dropbox acquired electronic signature company HelloSign in 2019. And now they have acquired DocSend which permits its clients to share and track docs utilizing a secured link.

By embracing DocSend, Dropbox will provide a platform to reliably get work processes for document exchange. 

It is important that DB, as of now, offers comparable secure doc sharing features that permit its users to share links through the attachments option.

The organization likewise purchased virtual signature startup SignRequest for $55 million with the point of building complex document workflows like Dropbox’s HelloSign and DocSend. DocSend’s 17,000 users and Houston said such acquisitions offer the organization a chance to stretch out beyond a bigger client base as a component of Dropbox. 

DocSend is a fascinating little organization with a creative way to deal with tracking and securing messages and docs. 

DocSend is the organization’s second procurement in numerous years; Dropbox burned through $230 million on virtual signature startup HelloSign in 2019.

Dissimilar to DocSend, HelloSign zeros in on the far-off administration i.e, remote management and circulation of archives, despite the fact that DocSend offers incorporated online e-signature functionalities. 

In March 2013, Dropbox acquired a mainstream email application Mailbox for supposedly around $100 million, Mailbox CEO Gentry Underwood expressed that as opposed to developing Mailbox on their own they have chosen to work with Dropbox and develop it out along with them.

According to the deal, the developers of Mailbox joined Dropbox keeping Mailbox running as an independent application.

secure document sharing dropbox, Later Mailbox CEO expressed that they are as yet battling to stay aware of the interest from the individuals who need to utilize it, and Dropbox CEO Drew Houston expressed that they felt that they could help Mailbox contact an entirely different crowd a lot quicker. 

Yet, in December 2015, Dropbox declared that they are closing down Mailbox. In a post, Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi clarified that they’ll be utilizing what they’ve gained from Mailbox to assemble better approaches to convey and work together on Dropbox

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