EU summons Amazon and Google to explain search rankings

Amazon and Google: Being visible on the digital platforms is a must for any Enterprise thinking of growing their business, both within the local market and the international one too.

Nowadays a few companies have monopolies over the internet market, hence, they can flourish or wither other Enterprises. 

Such practices have been observed by the European Union’s digital regulatory department. 

In 2017, Google’s prominent placement of its own search ads was targeted and punished by antitrust fines from the EU that examined complaints about how the company may have unfairly demoted results from rivals.

Internet firms such as Google, Inc., and many other big prominent internet companies should elaborate explain how they rank their search results, according to European Union guidelines published Monday. This could help businesses grow and compete in an unbiased environment. 

“These guidelines will set the new standard for algorithmic ranking transparency and will increase equality fairness in the online platform economy, which drives innovation and welfare for millions of Europeans,” said Margrethe Vestager, the EU’s executive vice president in charge of digital affairs.

All of this started in the mid of 2017,when

Amazon and Google EU controllers fined Google a record 2.4 billion euros ($2.7 billion) Tuesday, deciding that the Internet monster disregarded antitrust principles for its web-based shopping practices. 

The fine is the biggest by Brussels for an imposing business model maltreatment case and follows a seven-year-long examination. 

Investigations were set off after the European Commission got many grumblings from the U.S.

furthermore, European contenders who asserted that the organization manhandled its pursuit of market predominance to give its Google Shopping administration a bit of leeway over different retailers and make an imposing business model over purchasers

This News has been in progress and will keep you updated about all ins and out of the EU policies.

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