New Google Search Feature for Mobile Users: Continuous Scrolling

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Google new search feature: Google is always looking for ways to improve its search engine. One of the latest updates that they have made will allow users to continuously scroll through Google Search results on mobile devices.

This new feature released by the search giant eliminates the need to click on a button in order to see more results while going through a set of Google Search.

The update was released with no fanfare, but it’s easy enough for people who are searching from their phones or tablets to find out if they are eligible for this new feature. Users should simply go into settings and select “search settings.”

This is great news for those who often find themselves scrolling back and forth between pages in order to find what they are looking for.

Google also said that the update as a result of people’s complaints about having to click on search results in order to see additional information.

In addition, Google has been working hard over the past year trying to get more users by making things easier and simpler for their customers with features such as autocomplete suggestions when typing into the search window or adding Knowledge Graph information with their search results.

Google new search feature, Now, with the update to continuous scrolling on mobile devices, users don’t have to click a button before continuing down the list of Google Search results. Instead, they can scroll through all of them without having to stop and wait for each page to load.

If people are familiar with Apple’s Safari browser or other mobile browsers, then they will already be familiar with this feature.

This is one of the most recent changes that Google has made to its search engine in order to make things easier for users.

It’s hard not to like features such as continuous scrolling since it makes browsing through results quicker and more efficient than ever before. What do you think about the latest Google Search updates?

Would you use continuous scrolling to look through search results on your mobile device or tablet? Let us know in the comments section.


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