Google to solve math problems for children in their homework

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Google to solve math problems: On Tuesday, Google announced that they would be rolling out updates for lens and search applications which will be very helpful for students. The Google lens will now be able to solve math problems on a fly.

Google would be able to help students in their homework if they take a snapshot of a math problem lens will show them not only the solution with a step by step guide but also some detailed explainers and underlying concepts.

Jennifer Holland Director of Program Management, Education at google also stated that they have added 100 STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) related 3D concepts to the database.

These concepts include biology, chemistry, and more. They also stated in their blog post that if one looks up the quantum mechanical model augmented reality AR will bring the object up in their home space.

Such features will be majorly powered by Socratic (mobile learning application created by Chris Pedregal and Shreyans Bhansali). The application was bought by google in august 2019.

“At Google, we’re honored to work on tools that lighten the load for teachers, school leaders, families, and especially the students who have navigated learning from home with grace and resilience,” Google said in their recent blog post.

Now, these applications will be compatible with android 7.0 or later and ios 11 or later (iPhone 6s as well). This initiation is called ‘The anywhere college’ by google to make learning innovative and convenient for the students around the world during the COVID pandemic.

They also plan to bring 50 more products for students through meet, classroom, Gsuite, and other products. Over recent months, they have also added animals, bugs, and dinosaurs to the AR search features. They also mentioned the read along with an app for kids Diya.


The application is created to make children develop their love for reading by giving them stars as rewards as they do their tasks. It also assists them when they struggle to read.

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