How Apple self-sabotage to lure customers upgrade

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Apple self-sabotage: Apple to go against the moral ethics of business just for the sake of profits. It is known to every that among all the smartphone brands Apple is leading the market by providing the best technology and the best experience of mobile usage with the newly developed features which everyone badly wanted to consume as a basic or luxury need.

But what if one gets to know that whatever above mentioned is the myths offered by Apple such a tech giant to build more profits for the company.

What if one gets to know the mobile Operating System update offered to mobile users are just to destroy the devices.

Now, a question arises in the mind of everyone that how is it possible like updates are for betterment but how can they cause harm to their devices. Similarly, these are the questions that everyone has thought of about the tactics of the company.

The tech giant Apple has been at the top of the list for better and luxurious features to its users. But the company has made a move for Apple self-sabotage by offering them the upgrade of their Operating System which offers better features.

But what if one gets to know that all these better features and upgrades to the individual are similar to the virus or can say dead end to the device.

The upgrades are built to offer better features but it also consumes more space to update devices which slows down the devices this ideology is followed by Apple to increase the sales of their new product but as the result, the company has to pay a huge amount of compensation to the users.

Apple Inc follows certain norms and policy which is against the law and the company have to bear lawsuits because of the ideology to build better upgrades.

The company uses to build their phone which is better known as iPhone with a limited amount of life span and making it less durable so that it gets slower over time and the users have to look for the new device to have a better mobile experience.

As a result of slowing down the mobile devices built by Apple Inc, the population of Chile filed a case against the company, and where the company was found guilty and the company has to pay around 3.4 million US dollars to the users.

Similarly, there are more than 30 U.S, countries that did the same and the company has to pay the huge compensation amount to the users for the sake of saving the companies goodwill.

Apple self-sabotage, As a result of this ideology, the company wanted to boost the sales of their new product by slowing down the older ones.

Also, the company has not been given access to get repaired phones from outside the service centers which also causes the loss of the warrant by the company.

As the company is holding the market and producing a large number of devices which also makes them having the access to the large number of resources needed for the repairing.


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