How is Artificial Intelligence Renovating Mobile Economy?

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AI Mobile Economy: In today’s world, one of the most talked technology in the world is Artificial Intelligence. Every company and individual is totally aware of the various advantages and the future possibilities of using Artificial Intelligence. Companies like Alphabet and Baidu are investing huge capitals for unleashing Artificial Intelligence technology. Also countries like China and Japan are focusing on the development of AI in their countries.

With these facts, it is very clear that the world is sooner going to be ruled by AI technology. This technology is also highly affecting the mobile apps industry. The mobile economy has witnessed newer heights after the use of AI in major mobile apps.

Let’s find out how the mobile economy is renovating and transforming due to the AI technology.

App Personalization – AI Mobile Economy

how is artificial intelligence renovating mobile economy
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After integrating AI in mobiles brands and applications, users are being provided with a personalized experience. This technology can easily be used for tracking user location and shows a quick and automatic result based on location. The best part of this is that the user need not bother feeding their location in mobiles each and every time. By this facility, companies can record the consumers need and this data can be further used to personalize results which can boost the user retention rates. On a much bigger scenario, AI technology will change the search pattern and search algorithms which can personalize app experience.

Upgrade App Marketing

Alongside with app development AI technology will highly impact the app marketing landscape. AI technology records the user behavior and user preferences which can help in app marketing and set a path for app marketing. This will also decrease the time of analysts for collecting data for marketing strategies and also reduces the chances of error. By providing real-time data, technology is giving analysts a chance to make plans and strategies more effective and more futuristic.

AI Mobile Economy AI and IoT

AI is upgrading the growth of IoT every second. This technology allows to take real-time data and take decisions on the spot on their own. All the mobiles with AI technology detect linked devices and learn from the information available on them and act according to the information available. A study shows that there will be more than 50 billion AI connected devices by 2020 which means a greater demand for AI apps to control such devices.

Better App Security

AI technology solves the biggest concern of a mobile app developer, i.e. security. The technology keeps an eye on the user behavior and alerts in anything suspicious is found. Along with this, the technology also recommends or implements suggestions for app security. And to the most of it, this technology helps app developers find loopholes, security holes and many more.

Improved Conversational Experience

The gap which was seen a few years back between brands and users if now slowly being filled by AI technology. Chatbots which are provided by AI technology is providing a great conversational experience to the users. It satisfies the need for customer

with personalized products and also manages multiple clients at a time. Almost 95% of the customers are highly satisfied after the introduction of Chatbots in smartphones. A survey indicates almost 80% of the businesses will use Chatbots by 2020. This shows that AI/Chatbots will be seen in the lead in the near future and lead in the market for a while.


The artificial intelligence technology is slowly and steadily renovating and rebuilding the mobile economy day by day. The potentiality of this technology to collect real-time data, understand emotions and give personalized experience is liked by all the users. Now the world has already witnessed the announcement of AI chips in the 5G smartphones. It’s obvious that with AI technology the mobile economy is going to be safer, more interesting and more intelligent.

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