Next update from Elon Musk co-founded company Neuralink is set for August 28

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Elon Musks Neuralink Plan 2020: Elon Musk said on Twitter this week that Neuralink, the company he founded in 2016 to develop computer-brain interfaces, will update its progress on August 28.

The key clear goal was to help people keep up with advanced artificial intelligence. Elon Musks Neuralink Plan 2020 latest big update came around a year ago when it revealed that a surgical robot will be used to insert gossamer-thin wires into a person’s brain.

It will be connected to an external computer processing unit and eventually aims to make a wireless link between the two for maximum freedom and flexibility.

Neuralink revealed in July 2019 that it had already carried out successful tests of its technology on mice and even apes. It would carry out tests on its first human subjects as early as the following year — which is this year, 2020 if you keep track of it.

Co-founded by Musk and led by CEO Jared Birchall, Neuralink is based in San Francisco and has been conducting research in partnership with UC Davis.

The objective of the company is initially to use its technology to help mitigate the effects of neurological disorders in patients with serious mobility and other day-to-day functioning effects. Ultimately, the organization also aims to use its innovations to essentially “upgrade” people in order to communicate with electronic devices at the speed of thought.

Musk has consistently pointed out how “lossy” the process of converting thought into input through traditional means, including keyboard and mouse, is, and claims that a closer, more high-fidelity relationship between humans and computers will help to minimize the risk of advanced AI surpassing human intelligence capabilities.


Musk has stated on a number of occasions that he believes that uncontrolled, unregulated advanced general artificial intelligence poses an existential risk to humanity and that Neuralink is intended to be a means of protection against this threat.

We still don’t know what Musk and Neuralink are going to share about the company’s progress since its last update in 2019, but hopefully, we’ll hear about their plans to start human trials. Musk also posted what he called Neuralink’s “mission statement” next to the company update: “If you can’t beat em, join em.”

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