PUBG Mobile claims that Data from Indian players is shared with third parties

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PUBG Mobile Claims: When the government banned 47 Chinese applications like TikTok, helo, Vigo, and others, 275 other applications were also under the radar for a breach. PUBG mobile has 17.5 crores plus installs and has made over 38 million dollars only in India. On the 29th of July, PUBG mobile updated their privacy policies for India.

They made a clear statement that the user data of Indian gamers were being stored in local servers located here in India. “Our servers are located in India (in the case of users located in India only), Singapore, Hong Kong SAR, and the United States.” States the revised privacy policy.

The privacy policy for PUBG mobile also stated that they have support, engineering, and other teams here in India. They clarified that the user data was only accessible to third party companies for cloud data backup, ticketing, fraud detection, and advertising.

The privacy policy also stated that “All companies providing services for us are prohibited from retaining, using, or disclosing your personal information for any purpose other than providing us with their services in support of the Game Services.

You give us information about you when you register for the Game (nominated nickname, and information we import from your connected social media account (WeChat, Facebook, QQ, VKontakte, Twitter, Google Play, Game Center or LINE) to set up your profile, including your name as it appears on your social media profile, your user ID and your profile picture).

You also provide us with information when you set up your profile for the game (including region location and information you voluntarily elect to provide to customize gameplay, such as gender) or your nickname when you log-in as a ‘guest’ to use the game.” And they added that they were saving data of application version, battery level, WiFi strength, available space, network type, OS version, platform, carrier, country code, series ID, Android ID, MAC, and IDFV.


For Indian gamers, this means that their data is not stored overseas, as this ban is made in effect due to section 69A of national interest and security. Gamers in India at ease as PUBG Mobile Claims cleared the allegations with additions to the privacy policy.

The game has claimed to delete user data from 7 to 30 days for a user who deleted his account, also it deletes collective data at the end of the year. The following pop-up is prompted to all Indian users,

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