Switzerland is Using Covid-19 Contact tracing App, Swiss Covid App

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Swiss Covid App: Switzerland has reportedly said that they are the first ones to launch a covid-19 contact-tracing app, based on Apple and Google’s tech.

Switzerland’s COVID-19 app, named SwissCovid is based on the Apple-Google API (Application Programming Interface).

The app has been developed by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne and ETC Zurich.

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switzerland is using google apple based coronavirus contact tracing app swisscovid
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As per the pilot program, employees at EPFL, ETH Zurich, the Swiss army, hospital workers, and government agencies can now install the SwissCovid app ahead of the public release.

Meanwhile, the Swiss parliament needs to revise the epidemic law to allow the app to be launched nation wide by June mid.

The API, which was rolled out on May 20 and can be used to build public health applications Covid-19 ‘s spread via Bluetooth signals. It is now compatible with iOS version 13.5 and Android devices with version 6.0 and above.

SwissCovid uses Bluetooth to exchange API keys between phones. A user who is tested positive for SARS-CoV-2, can inform the app, the app will inform other users if they close to each other for a considerable time (more than 15 minutes).

According to the BBC report, the app is aimed at warning one person if the other is diagnosed with having the COVID-19 disease later. The app relies on a decentralized approach, which key operations are performed on users’ devices, not in a centralized server.

The strategy is intended to help protect the privacy of users, and according to EPHL, two Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology led the decentralized “DP3T” protocol.

Project manager Alfredo Sanchez said, “This gives great responsibility to the Swiss testers, as many other countries intend to adopt the same protocol later on.”

According to the Engadget report, 22 public health agencies have requested the API, but it’s not clear how many of them will actually use it.

Some countries already have their own applications released, such as Australia and India. In India, app Aarogya Setu is already in effect since April and has been mandated by the government.  The UK has said it would use a centralized approach and has started developing its own software, but it is currently considering moving to the Apple-Google framework.

As per Swissinfo, the Google version of the software inadvertently leaked before access was restricted to the public. The report adds that the Swiss Parliament will discuss the legality of the app in June, which should be made available to the public on a broad scale if accepted.

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