The AI-based device alerts drivers dozing off while driving developed

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AI-based device alerts drivers: The Military-college of Electronics and Mechanical Engineering (MCEME)has developed a device that can be installed on the dashboard of the vehicles to prevent accidents caused by the driver’s carelessness.

The device uses Artificial Intelligence to detect and to some extent predict the eyes and sleep.

This AI-based accident prevention system was developed as a pilot project by the university and was delivered to the Telangana Government for consideration of its use in civil transportation.

The device is designed such that it can be easily mounted on the dashboard in front of the driver and analyzes the eyes of the driver and alerts them through a buzzing sound if their eyes are closed for more than a certain period. The device is believed to prevent road accidents caused by driver’s negligence.

The spokesperson for the military college told the media that, The device developed is a small AI-based solution that can be mounted on a dashboard of a vehicle.

Along with the infusion of the AI, this is a plug-and-play type of device and draws a very minute amount of power from the vehicle’s battery.

Along with the eyes, the device monitors the facial expression of the driver to, more precisely predict the sleepy nature of the driver.

The system works during the day and night. The system can also alert the superior through email. – If the driver is observed as sleepy, the device would immediately sound an alarm in the cabin to warn the driver and the co-driver.

The device can work in both daylight and night and will also alert such careless behaviors of the drivers to the superiors.

AI-based device alerts drivers, Along with this project, the team members are also planning 15 different projects. All these projects will be AI-based and would take the utility of AI in various sectors to the next level.

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