What if one can access all transport facilities in one place but what If the answer is yes

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Transport Facilities: Kerala is all set to launch a multitasking application. If one lives in Kochi will b able to use this single application soon which allows its users to books cabs, rent cycles, metro, and ferries.

This application would be going to be part of Kerala’s open mobility network where the mobile application is working for integrating the different modes of transport and interconnect them in one place.

The app allows an open mobility network and now is all set to start its execution for the very first time in Kochi and it has been expected to expand its reach in the healthcare and hospitality sector.

Now, Kochi has been chosen as the very first city in the state for the implementation of the project because it has so many different modes of transport which consist of water, air, road, and metro.

transport facilities, There is an initiative taken by Kochi Metropolitan Transport Authority and the initiative of Kochi Open Mobility Network for supporting the local community in the Kochi.

Bangalore-based company Beckn Foundation which is cofounded by Nandan Nilekani will be holding the charge for implementing the project. The company has a partnership with WRI India, Yellow Taxi, National Securities Depository Limited, JUPSAY, and so on.

The plan is going to the initially implemented on the Yatri application which has been designed for taxi drivers. AuSa (AutoSavari) for auto drivers, Kochi metro app, and the Vandi application for the buses are going to be subsequently integrated into this application.

Boats and ferries which come under the Kerala state water Transport Department are also going to be linked in the open mobility network.

It is been concluded that it is the world’s first open mobility network of its kind and leads Kerala with its pride. Their mission is in two parts.

The first one is to provide valuable community service to the tourists and as well as our citizens and secondly provide a meaning of self-sustenance for the mobility service providers.

transport facilities, It is digital, transparent, and fair for our community stated by Jafar Malik, IAS, CEO, Kochi Metropolitan Transport Authority.


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