YouTube launches free Video best web Builder for small businesses 2020 with their advertising

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best web builder for small businesses 2020: The human brain can retain 95% of the content viewed in a video when compared to 10% through text! Who better to understand this than the world leader of the video-sharing platform – YouTube. Recently YouTube has launched theYouTube Video Builder.

best web builder for small businesses 2020 –

It enables anyone with a business to make short videos, edit them, and publish on YouTube for free. You need not have any technical know-how to operate this video editing tool. It is a very simple tool.

Youtube Launches Free Video Builder To Help Small Businesses With Their Advertising
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The beta tool helps covert images, text, and logos into videos with music. The music can be chosen from YouTube’s free music library. The tool offers a good amount of layouts, fonts, and colors from which one can choose. A business can create videos of length 6-15 seconds using this beta tool. Before being launched to the whole world, YouTube had performed trial runs with a small group of businesses to understand the various features and has now come up with the beta version for the public.

To access the free YouTube Video builder all one needs would be an email id. It can either be a Gmail id or any id linked to your Google account. A short video can be made using this tool within a few minutes. A step by step explanation can be viewed here or read here. Once the video is created the business can publish it on its own YouTube Channel.

Given the tough circumstances that the world is dealing with now, businesses might have different aspects to showcase through videos. This could be things like the launch of new products or new ways of supplying, and more. All one has to do to gain access to this new tool would be to ask for access here and YouTube usually approves the request within 5 business days depending on the number of requests.

YouTube has now joined the other players in the Video editing arena such as the :

  • Vimeo
  • Lightricks
  • Adobe
  • Apple
  • Magisto
  • Canva
  • PicsArt and more

The launch of YouTube’s Vidoe builder gives a lot of opportunities to small businesses. They can use the tool to:

Create short advertisements for 6-15 seconds:

Videos of short duration are more effective than those of a longer period of time according to researchers. They ensure that the message is delivered to the viewer when they are active. Also, when the ads are played as advertising ads on various channels, a 15 seconds add is unlikely to be skipped compared to a 30 or 60 seconds ad.

Cut costs on expensive Video making tools and resources

Small businesses are operating with very thin lines of revenues at this point in time. The launch of YouTube Video Builder is a boon for such businesses as they can create Videos without having the burn any cash.

Reach a wider audience by using the tools enhance for google ads

Since the YouTube Video Builder is optimized for YouTube and Google Ads, businesses that have Google Ads account can easily reach more people by plugging this in as well.

Create more engaging content that viewers can remember for longer times

With the new tool, a business can easily create more videos instead of just images or texts for Advertising. This makes sure the people are able to understand about the offering much better by viewing the Video.

We can conclude by saying that the launch of YouTube Video Builder was a perfectly timed endeavor given the circumstances. It will certainly gain a lot of users. Further, a lot of small businesses will also benefit from this tool. You can access this tool here

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