Signal tests new feature UK, Following its rival WhatsApp, the fast-growing application Signal has declared to allow clients to send money in cryptocurrency to friends and family members, as it tests another shared payment framework in the beta variant of its application. 

Called Signal Payments, Signal tests new feature UK that is accessible in the UK first, will right now support a security-centered payments network called MobileCoin, which has its own cash, MOB. 

"You can likewise move your assets anytime, in case that you plan to move to another application or service," he said in an explanation late on Tuesday. 

The organization said it aims payments in Signal to be quick, secure, and function smoothly on phones. 

"Signal Payments will enable users to send money to their loved ones and receive payments through the same channel. The app will help them track down their monthly expenditure and monitor their balance at the tip of their finger.

All this information can be reviewed through the simple interface of the signal app" the organization said. 

WhatsApp already launched its payment services in India and Brazill. Although the payments are made using the general currency in those particular countries.

WhatsApp as of now has a distributed payments functionality in its application and is right now live in India and Brazil.