5 Best Web Application Ideas 2020 for a Successful Online Business

Web Application Ideas 2023: Web applications are growing unimaginable in the last decade due to the development of technologies.

The web application is a program or software application that runs on a web server. There are lots of best and popular web application ideas for a successful online business and they need a little capital investment to start.

Web Application Ideas 2023 – These are a very profitable online business and need a very small time to grow high from scratch. Once a time people were doing business offline and needs more workers and other requirements. But the online business doesn’t need more workers and it will reach more people throughout the world.

Below five are a few web applications that are best and popular for a successful online business. 

1. E-COMMERCE – Web Application Ideas 2023

E-Commerce is one of the topmost Web Applications for a successful online business. At first e-commerce web, applications are developed and used in some western countries, and after the development of technologies all over the world, they occupied the whole world. 

There were times when people bought things from offline stores and it had cost them their time and money. They had to reach the store and cannot buy what they like but after the evolution of e-commerce, everything changed reversely. People don’t need to go to the store to buy things and to waste their valuable time.

They can buy them by ordering from the workplace and those will be delivered to their address and even money transactions are done online. 

At once e-commerce was known and available for urban areas but it has developed and now even the people from rural areas are using E-commerce to buy things. Even not many educated people use E-commerce web applications to buy things.

E-commerce web applications are not for a single product or only a single store it is a combination of all stores like clothing, furniture, stationery, electronic gadgets, cleaning items, kitchen items, etc…. Before there were only few E-commerce web application provided services but now the numbers had evolved into unlimited.

Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Ali express and many more are examples of E-commerce web applications. They all are started as a small delivery service but now they become one of the Unavoidable web Applications in the E-commerce platform.

You don’t need more investment to start these platforms all you need is a platform hosted by a web server and some smart and hard work. If you are running an E-commerce platform no need to own a store just to collaborate with the stores and to supply the things to the customer whatever they order. 


Another topmost web application in online business that gives you more success is Job recruitment. This is one of the growing and popular online business all over the world. Before

everyone used to search job by newspaper and ad agency but today everyone wants to change their job from where they are or to get various jobs in different cities. These are possible only by online job recruitment so it has been developing day by day.

Earlier getting a job was very tough but now it has become easier by online job recruitment. One can apply for many jobs in different fields and can do as many jobs he can by using online job recruitment. By using online job recruitment we don’t need to spend time searching for more articles we can find jobs that we want, so online job recruitment makes it easier for us to find jobs in a short time. 

The online job recruitment platform provides details to the seeker about the role of the person in industry or company who are applying to that job. Also, the recruiter can check the skills and worth of the person who is applying to the job from the platform.  

If we are planning to start an online job recruitment platform we don’t have to spend more amount on creating it. The only thing we have to do is pay for web server hosting of our platform and we need to collaborate with the companies for job recruiting and to the job seekers. You can earn well from the recruiters and the seekers by also providing premium services to both of them. 

3. ONLINE TRAINING PROGRAMS –  Web Application Ideas 2023

Online training programs has been evolved recently but it has reached a peak level because of the busy working hours and other schedules of the people. The company needs their employers to be more skilled in various things as well the people need to learn and develop their skills to get into a higher position in the company or to change their career in some other fields which have good scope.

To learn many new skills people can’t allocate separate time in their day to day busy life, so the online learning programs are very much useful to them. They can join and learn when they are free at where ever they are through mobile or laptop. 

This made the online learning platform more profitable than any other online web applications. Not only they can learn but also they can get a certificate online from where they are learning. People also get courses at a very low price. You can make people join as many courses which are in demand. 

One of the most precious options people have in the online learning platform is they can choose to get taught by the professors of foreign universities and professionals. This gives them elaborate knowledge about the courses and practical experiences from the professors of foreign universities and professionals.

This makes their course more valuable than learning from Indian professionals.  


Food delivery is the best web application for a profitable online business. Because nowadays everyone wants to taste different foods from different restaurants every day. This is not the only reason for the development of the food delivery platform.

Because of the busy schedule in the daily life of the peoples this platform makes them easier to order and eat in a short time with trying different items every day.

This also gives various offers and coupons for the order. Years back if we want to try food in particular restaurants we need to spend time to reach there but now you can any food from anywhere to your doorstep. 

Because of these features, the online food delivery platform is one of the welcoming online businesses by the people. The online food delivery platform is in almost all the countries of the world but those are only done in urban areas, not in rural areas.

Same as other online businesses the online food delivery platform also doesn’t need more investment and can be started in very low investment. Likewise other above-mentioned businesses you need to collaborate with good restaurants which will be preferred and warmly welcomed by customers. 


Travel and tourism are some of the successful online businesses of all time. Travel and tourism make many countries economically developed and gives the job to an unlimited number of people so as it gives more profit to people who own the business. Travel and tourism define the popularity of the country and defines the country how rich it is in terms of culture and development.

Whether it is inside or outside of the country it is worth doing if you want to do online business. The growth of this platform can be defined by the preference of the customer. people prefer to go tour and travel a lot from long back but the change is before they need to visit the place to book but now online travel and tourism platforms are to book what they need before themselves.   

Travel and tourism platforms should collaborate with buses, cars, hotels, resorts, and others to make the customer easy to look down the price and book what they want. Some of the popular travel and tourism platforms are make my trip, booking.com, many others. 

So according to me, the above mentioned five are the best and popular platforms for an online business to do. But the business may vary for demographics and people.


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