All you need to know about web redesigning

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Web Redesigning: “Change is the only constant”, this saying by Heraclitus is something on which all successful people can agree upon. As and when time passes, improvisation and up-gradation happens in every field that exists out there.

One cannot ignore the fact that a technology that is state of the art today will be obsolete in a decade or so as we will surely see a lot of new technologies replacing them.

This is the same with website designs as well. It is very essential to ensure that your website is up-to-date with the latest features available for the visitors.

In this article, we will help you understand all the features that should be considered during website redesigning.

From scratch always – Web Redesigning

all you need to know about web redesigning
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Even though you have a website up and running while you consider redesigning your website, ensure that you don’t dive into, to improvise what is already there in the website.

It will only become messier. Ensure that you start from scratch. While doing so, keep in mind that this might affect your Google ranking. Hence, you must have a detailed plan before you start redesigning.

Goal and objective

This is the most important question you should ask yourself and discuss with your team before starting the process of redesigning your website. Think about why you are looking for redesigning your website.

Is it for making it more attractive, gaining a better rank in Google Analytics, and such questions? You must have a clear goal and objective to start website redesigning.

Web Redesigning – Type of redesign

Once you have a clear goal and objective you should then decide the type of redesign you are looking for, in your web design.

It might be something in the visuals and contents of your website, you might want to add some new features like a payment gateway, or complete work on the base code of your website.

Consider all the requirements and strike a balance between the needs and the budget you set for the same. Ensure that your designer is on the same page as you are on this.

Identify the good and bad

When you decide to redesign your website, do complete research of your existing website. Go through all the features one by one and list out all the features it has.

Once all the features are listed, categorize them into positive and negative features, based on how good they are doing for your website.

You can measure them based on the traffic that they attract onto your website, customer retention, and other such factors. Ensure that you retain the positive aspects of your platform while you get rid of the negatives and replace them with better features.

Think like a client

A business is as good as its clients. It is an important factor to consider how your clients find your website. Understand what visitors to your page spend time on, what they like and dislike.

You can study the traffic of your website, statistics, and site analytics for information on things like search engine keywords, sales conversion, etc.

Branding – Web Redesigning

The whole point of redesigning the website should be to increase the value of your company at the end of the day. Ensure all your business logos and taglines are up-to-date on the newly designed website.

Plan the launch of your new website in such a way that it attracts a maximum crowd and generates a lot of interest and vice-versa.


Finally, it is imperative to keep alive the interest of the visitors to the website and hence the redesign should be done keeping them in mind the website’s ease of use and access to information by the visitors.

While imparting new features and functionalities into your site, don’t forget to keep it as simple as possible. You should ensure that a lay man visiting your website should be able to go through your website with ease.

After all these factors are considered and discussed with your team, you are good to go! Contact the best website designing firm or a designer to get your brand new website!

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