How does WordPress offer you a low cost solution for almost everything

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Low Cost Solution: WordPress is one of the best known names in the web development platforms. Since its inception in 2003, it has turned around from a simple blogging site to a giant open source web development platform. Technical world has witnessed an outstanding growth in past decade. Functional websites, Mobile Apps, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, BlockChain and more.

But none of these has affected the use of WordPress. It is simple and is still one of the most widely used platform to make websites of any complexity. According to a study, it accounts for 20-25% of all new websites. The following article gives a brief as to how WordPress offers an economic solution for almost everything.

Can be used for almost any type of website – Low Cost Solution

wordpress offer low cost solution almost everything
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WordPress was considered to be a good fit for smaller solutions and corporate website some 7 years back. Its competitors platforms Joomla and Drupal were opted for heavy duty jobs. But WordPress proved many professionals wrong. We at Yugasa have used WordPress extensively
for some very complex projects. Our experience includes working on elegant corporate website, developing custom WP plugins, modifying plugins, updating Websites, developing functional websites of varied complexity from scratch.

Remotely update your website

A WordPress theme website can be edited from anywhere in the world as long as you have an
active internet connection. You can access your website and even edit it from anywhere by
logging in to your website.

Low Cost Solution – Search Engine Optimization Ready

Every website owner dreams about making sure his website is featured in the leader board of
google indexing. This is because WordPress uses simple and constant codes that make them
ideal for google indexing. SEO components for each page can also be customized that gives a
business owner or the developer the full control on the pages of his website.

Responsive Web Design

In a world where we are experiencing a steep rise in the use of smartphones, responsive web
design is no more an option but a must for all websites. This is one of the biggest advantages of
using WordPress, as responsive web design is an automatic feature that comes when you use

Upgrade your site’s capabilities

The more sophisticated platforms the websites use, the more cumbersome it is to update the
site’s capabilities. But in WordPress, the plugins available can be easily installed
in just three steps. Also, the WordPress community is very active and every best
practice is documented. So when you want a new feature for your website, it is
always possible that the other members have already documented what to do step by step.

Best Social media Integration

Every time you post fresh content in your website it is very important to update the same in all
your social media handles so that the information is spread to as many people as possible. With
WordPress, this automatically happens as it is a part of the WordPress.

Increased site security

When WordPress was first conceived, one of the primary criticisms was against the poor
security. But this myth is debunked now. As long as you have good WordPress web designers
and developers, your site is completely protected and made hack proof. The same cannot be
said about traditional sites.

Cost effective

Yes, the first thing any businessman thinks about when you ask him to consider having a
website for his business is the costs associated with it. Even though WordPress is a common
website known to almost everyone who calls himself a developer, it is still not every popular
with the businessmen. Most of the business owners still spend a hefty sum to first get a website
and then to maintain it up to date. But using WordPress will allow a business with very little
knowledge to edit and maintain the website by him or get it done at low costs.

No worries in case you need to change a developer

The most fearful factor of getting a website for your business is about the loyalty of the
developer or the designer who works for you. It is always possible that when your designer
quits, the new designer will not know the same platform or the tools in that particular platform.
But if a website is developed on WordPress, then it is easy while changing developers for your

To discuss more about your WordPress project requirement, feel free to reach us at . We shall be more than happy to assist you for any of your product development.

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