Here our country got a stand-in Apple Design Awards 2021. It is hosted every year and has declared 12 winners for this year. This year there are 6 more categories in the award presented to the developers for their interaction, delight and fun, social impact, inclusivity, visual and graphics, and innovation. The vice president of Apple inc. stated that all these categories should have an impact on everyday lives and serve a better experience. The award prize consists of hardware for each developer to continue with their great work in the field of innovation and technology. Now our country got some extremely talented people who made India proud with his brilliant application known as “NAADSADHNA”. It is selected in the category of innovation in apps/games. The app is developed by an Indian who himself is a Classical Indian singer and a software engineer and his name is Sandeep Ranade. He received this award single-handedly. He created a Music app or we can say an intelligent music app. It works like a tutor as it gives you instant feedback about the music and the song. The app consists of AI(Artificial Intelligence) which makes it different from other music applications. The application is an all-in-one platform for creators and singers. The app gives access to all the musicians of every genre to create studio-quality music and publish it. The AI and the Core ML of the application work in real-time and gives feedback to the slow pitch or high pitch of the vocal line so that the singer can improvise himself or herself. The app automatically reads the notes of the song and finds a suitable background track matching the notes. Apple Design Awards 2021, After receiving the award he stated that he never thought this dream will come true in million years and his work and research would be praised this much. He also mentioned that he is been pinching himself when he heard his name and can't believe it at first but somehow he managed to convince himself that this a dream which comes true. He mentioned that this award feels like Oscar to him that this is the first time an Indian app is receiving such an award at this stage it is a matter of pride. Read More: CHINA THREATENS APPLE’S PRIVACY FEATURES