Android Application Removed from Play store: A report published by a security firm Doctor Web which as identified that 9 trojan applications allow app lock and photo editing features. All of these applications were found on the Google Play store which has nearly 6 million downloads in all of them. The report later added that Google has only removed some of these applications from the Google Play store app on July 1, 2021, when the report went viral all over. PIP photo app is the most downloaded application among 9 of them and has 5 million downloads of its own. Android Application Removed from Play store. All the applications which are mentioned in the report offer the real features which cause the app to be unsuspected by the users and make them trust the application. The application also allows users to unlock more features and disabling the in-app advertisements by making them logging into their Facebook accounts and access the details and save passwords without their permission. All these apps exploit the widespread use of Google and Facebook login features that many applications use to offer to steal passwords and data of unsuspecting users. The firm that is researching this issue has described how the exploit mechanism works. The application after receiving the necessary permissions from the settings then from one of the C&C servers get launched and load the legitimate Facebook web page into the web view. Then they load a JavaScript which is received from the C&C server in the same web View. Then this JavaScript was directly used to hijack the input which is entered by the user as login credentials. After that, the JavaScript uses the method which is provided through the JavascriptInterface for annotation purpose and pass the stolen login and password details with the Trojan apps which later transfers to the data hackers or attackers on the C&C server. After the victim's login, their accounts later on the Trojans also use to stole cookies from the current authorization session and these cookies were also been shared with the cybercriminals. As the applications that contain Trojan are PIP Photo, Rubbish Cleaner, App Lock Keep, Processing Photo, Horoscope Daily, App Lock Manager, Inkwell Fitness, Horoscope Pi. If anyone is having these applications on android devices they need to uninstall them as soon as possible. Read More: GOOGLE TO AUTO DELETE OTPS AFTER 24 HOURS AS PER SAFETY OF INDIAN PEOPLE