New theory of Intelligence: Scientists are trying for the last so many decades to create a computational limitation of the brain. For the last, so many decades the holy grail of artificial general intelligence is working on a project that wanted to develop computers that have the capability of thinking and act like humans, and still, there is an end number of scientists and researchers are continuously working on it. The group of researchers are stuck with a question of that is why they are continuously trying to replicate some major aspects of intelligence in computers but somehow they end up failing to generate the systems which are capable of generalizing their skills similar to humans and animals. One of the computer scientists who is working on developing such an Artificial Intelligence system for the last three decades has a strong belief that to cross the hurdles of narrow AI they have to look towards intelligence from a fundamental and different perspective. In the research paper that was presented at the Brain-Inspired Cognitive Architectures for Artificial Intelligence written by Sathyanaraya Raghavachary who is an associate professor of computer science at the University of Southern California has discussed the considered responses a theory that can help in generalizing all forms of intelligence that are required in the day-to-day life which has evolved and thrived on our planet. The research paper named “Intelligence----consider this and respond” and this brings a topic of interest with bringing the solution of the problems faced by the Artificial Intelligence community into the limelight and came up with a conclusion which includes the consideration of the embodiment as a prerequisite for AGI. Raghavachary in his research paper stated that how the structures look from the microscopic to the human level to the cosmic level and how they respond with the organic, exhibit, and inorganic phenomena based on their temporal and spatial arrangements under the internal and external of its structures. The inanimate objects which are structured from a phenomenon are not explicitly developed and designed for supporting the life process. But life processes are base on the structured process which considers and produces the response phenomena. Read More: THE FUTURE OF AI: HOW ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE WILL HELP IN BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION?